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Part 35: Battle #30: Here be Dark Dragons

Battle #30: Here be Dark Dragons

So here we are, face to face (to face to face) with the Dark Dragon.

It's got 3 heads and one hell of a grudge.

Also note the black squares with Armed Skeletons on them. Unless something is standing on them, those tiles will spawn up to 13 Armed Skeletons each. Since I'm sure no one wants to fight an endless swarm of defense-ignoring enemies, we'll be plugging them up as soon as we can.

Domingo starts things off by getting rid of the Armed Skeleton on the right.

Arthur and Guntz take care of the one on the left, but not fast enough to stop if from hitting Anri.

Oh, hell. Not fast enough.

Tao eliminates skeleton #3.

While Kokichi and Zylo rid the world of #4.

Time to start things off. The right head will go first.

Damn, that's ugly.

Domingo is able to block the spawning point on the right while still being in range for Freeze 4.

Musashi critically hits for 40. 120+ damage done and he's still at 100+.

Zylo moves in to strike. He, Gillian, and Kokichi have been hit by a Blaze 3.

It's wounded!

Domingo brings the first head down.

Guntz begins the assault on the left head.

While Anri blocks the respawn point and fires off a Freeze 4.

Tao steps in with a Blaze 4.

And Hanzou moves in and attacks.

The left head is wounded!

Bleu swoops in to do some damage.

Another Freeze 4 from Anri...

Critical! She finishes the left head off.

One head left.

Musashi rushes in first.


Gillian gets into position and strikes.

I almost feel sorry for the Dark Dragon.

Now Zylo moves in and attacks.

Guntz gets a hit in, as well.

Torasu moves into the line of fire to get Musashi and Gillian with an Aura.

Sadly, both he and Musashi die anyway to the next Demon Blaze.

Tao might not have enough HP to survive a Demon Blaze, but I send her in anyway.

It pays off, the final head is wounded.

Domingo unleashes a final Freeze 4.

It's time.

When allowed to finish off the final head, Gillian uses a never-before-seen attack.

Next time: The Conclusion