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Part 36: The End of our Tale

GuavaMoment posted:

Missed a useless item in the colossuseses battle. Top left I believe.

Oh, hell. I didn't know about that one, but I double-checked, and you're right.

The End of our Tale: Video available here / Backup

Having fought long and hard, Gillian and the Shining Force have successfully deal a heavy blow to the Dark Dragon. But is that the end?

It's worth a try!

It worked! The seal has been reformed! But...

With the last of his energy, Gillian casts Egress...  And I bet you thought Gillian was a silent protagonist. Suckers! 

I guess he won't be coming out...

Alright, folks. I'd like to thank everyone that's been reading along, and especially those of you that have commented or voted. It's been a real blast.

I'll be starting a Shining Force II Let's Play after I take a bit of a breather. Feel free to start looking for it on the 30th.

Those of you that have beaten the game yourselves...  Hush! The video is processing.