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Part 4: Battle #2

This is Gong. He's not the best attacker or the best healer, but he can do a passable job of both, and that's good enough for me.

Take a look at the terrain. It'll have an effect on the character's movement. Characters can't move as far over hills or through forests as they can over plains and roads. They also can't move over mountains at all. Of course, flying characters get to ignore all that.

The first blood went to Hans, but due to the crappy terrain, it'll take a couple of turns to get my big hitters into attack range...

It doesn't help that the goblins are retreating from me, either. Rather dumb, as they could probably keep me pinned where I am long enough to pick off Hans.

Hans manages to attack again before anyone else, which brings him to level 2.

And then he gets a third attack before any of my melee make it into range, critically hitting a goblin for 8 damage, killing it.

Finally, someone other than Hans gets to attack.

But then Hans attacks twice and gets his second kill. In addition to criticals, characters have a chance to swing twice during each attack. And Hans is quickly becoming the MVP for this battle because of it.

Oh no, one point of damage!

While Gillian and Luke are tearing some goblins apart, half of my force is still stuck back in the hills due to the poor terrain and the choke point.

Someone that isn't Hans finally got a kill!

Tao also gets to add a notch to her staff, and reaches level 2. She gains 4 much-needed MP.

Unfortunately, just as you have a chance to attack twice (and get criticals), so do your enemies. Luke just got hit by a double attack. Luckily, goblins are still pussies.

Another kill for Tao!

Gong gets into attack range, but whiffs. Whoops!

Luke succeeds where Gong blew it.

I had Lowe patch up Gillian's wounds. The goblins only took 5 HP off, but I'd rather not lose to another strike for 10 from a Rune Knight.

Gillian proceeded to double attack a Dark Dwarf. Unfortunately, due to the Dwarf's defense, it wasn't enough for a kill.

Gong pulled off double attack of his own and got his first kill.

And then a Dark Dwarf hit Gillian twice for a total of 8 damage. Double attacks aren't exactly rare, apparently.

Ken finally gets to do something!

But Gillian gets the kill as well as level 3. He got 2 attack, 2 defense, 1 speed, and 2 HP.

Ken's excellent movement over decent terrain allows him to get at the final group first.

He double attacked a Rune Knight for 8 damage.

Luke moved in and narrowly missed finishing him off. He got level 3 as a consolation prize. 1 defense, 1 speed, 2 HP.

Tao finished him off before Luke got nailed by a 3-man gangrape.

Hans took a shot at the other Rune Knight, bringing him to level 3. No stat gain whatsoever.

Unfortunately, Look took one too many hits before he could back off for some healing.

But Ken shows us that enemies can whiff, too.

I let Gong finish off the Knight in order to bring him to level 2.

Finally, Gillian finishes the battle with a double attack which does a total of 16 damage, killing the Dark Dwarf outright.

Us:2 Them:0

Next episode: You can't go home again! (Because they fucking burned it down)

But first, I could use some feedback...

Am I using too many screenshots to give a play-by-play of the combat, or should I maintain the current pace?
Also, should I condense lengthy dialog scenes into animated gifs?