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Part 5: The Return to Guardiana

praytocthulu posted:

I think you're doing great keep it up.

Also I'm not sure if you know this or not but XP doesn't roll over in this game so be wary of who gets the kill and the valuable 48 exp. I always tried to save for people would could use it more than the guy with 90.

I knew that, but forgot to mention it before. Thanks.

Update #4:

And now, we make our triumphant return to Guardiana!

Or not.

Upon our return, our hometown has significantly more holes in it than it did previously. Apparently the advisor was right, we should've sent the town guard to investigate and let me guard town.

But hey, now the weapon store's open!

... And it's pretty worthless. Apart from a Hand Axe for Luke, we either already have all his items, or in the case of Gillian, have better ones.

Getting plastered in the bar, we find this lively fellow:

He's Gort, and he's another Dwarven warrior for our team.

Here's a decent shot of some of the destroyed buildings.

In any case, time to let the king know that at least we didn't fuck up.

Hmm, both the guards at the entrance are down for the count. Not a good sign.

So in other words, the guards at the town entrance are idiots.

The Face of Evil!
Or the Helmet of Evil, in any case.

Well, we lost our instructor and the king... But we got another Knight out of the ordeal!

Of course, now that most of the guard is out of commission... It's looting time!

Behold, the castle treasury! Its wealth is ours for the taking!

... An antidote, medical herb, 50 gold, a power potion, and a defense potion.
Jeez, the potions are nice, but no fucking wonder why we lost.

I'm going to call it a night now. Tomorrow: The battle on the road to Alterone!

But before I forget...

Gort's stats

And Mae's