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Part 7: The City of Alterone

A new town. That means it's time for some looting!

First up, we'll be robbing this old woman blind.

There are four chests in her basement. Two of them are empty, but from ones that aren't we get a Bronze Lance and 70 gold.

That's not at all suspicious! I bet we never see her again.

The bar and shops share a building, and they're kind enough to leave a few chests out for us. A healing seed and 100 gold are in them.

Unfortunately, the weapon selection is the same as in Guardiana. Useless.

This building contains our headquarters in this town.

Inside, you're able to speak with Nova and all the members of your force.

You're also able to manage your team. As it'll be a while before we can reach the maximum amount of party members usable in battle, so there's not a whole lot to do here for now.

Still, you speak to Nova and he will either give you simple tactical advice, let you check your party members' stats, and can help manage the party's items.

When spoken to, your party members say:

Mae: Come Gillian, our vengeance cannot wait!
Ken: At last! A chance to become a real knight! Count me in!
Gort: Let's get going, Gillian!
Luke: I'm ready, Gillian. You line 'em up, and I'll chop 'em down!
Hans: Please don't put me in front. I can't stand being hit.
Gong: If it's healing and fighting you need, I'm your man. I will try my best!
Lowe: I'm most useful as a healer, but I'll get in a few good whacks when I have to. I can heal wounds, but please try not to get injured, OK?
Tao: I'm eager to try my magic. Let's get out there and toast some monsters!

Khris, huh? We'll meet her soon enough.

More robbing from the elderly! Yay!

A Middle Sword, a healing seed, and two empty chests.

Time to check out the castle.

In chests scattered around the castle, we find a Healing Seed, Wooden Staff, Wooden Arrow, Bread of Life, Middle Sword, Defense Potion, and 100 gold.

Potions and food increase a character's stats. Defense and Attack potions are fairly self-explanitory, but Bread of Life increases a character's HP. I will usually be using these items on Gillian, because I'm greedy. There will be some exceptions, though.

Ah, an unusual sprite. This is Khris.

What the fuck is with her head? Is she some sort of freakish reverse-centaur? I've never figured out what her deal was.

And now, to speak with the King.

A "...tactician," huh?

Just great, the King sold us out to Kane.

If there's a game where the evil empire ever keeps their word, I've yet to see it.

And we find a priest that's been thrown in a cell before us.

Inspect the bars and...

Khris comes to save the day.

And with that, Lowe has officially become obsolete. Of course, until we get a few more members, we'll still be forced to let him tag along.

How convenient, the secret passage leads to our headquarters.

As we set foot outside...

Aww, we don't get to pummel him just yet.

This is our (ass-ugly) newcomer, Khris.

We also have a couple of new enemy types to deal with:


and a Dark Mage.

Our enemies this time are 4 Rune Knights, 4 Dark Dwarves, 4 Giant Bats, 2 Snipers, and the Dark Mage.

Next update: The battle of Alterone