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Part 9: City of Rindo

Gillian and the Shining Force followed Kane's trail to the town of Rindo...

Ah, Rindo... It's even got that "New Village" scent.

Unfortunately, the weapon shop still sucks. The only weapon we haven't seen before is a Power Staff.

The circus, yaaay!

Another obvious upcoming party addition. But he won't be joining just yet.

That fucker!

Thanks for nothing, then.

Ah, a theater!

I officially hate this town.

Urge to kill... rising.

I'm looking forward to gouging out your eyes and skullfucking you.

Well, at least we got something out of this craphole.

Alright, time to leave before I raze the village out of spite.

Just outside of town...

We've got a new enemy type to deal with.


We've got 3 Dark Dwarves, 4 Giant Bats, 2 Snipers, and 3 Dark Mages to deal with, and the sandy desert terrain is difficult to move over.

Since we don't exactly have much choice in the matter, West we go!

Gillian starts things off, but he doesn't have enough punch to kill Dark Dwarves in one hit just yet. Close, though.

Ken re-equips a Spear in order to clear a path.

Gort and Luke make a nice one-two punch to eliminate a bat.

As tempting as it would be to let loose like that and get a double-kill, Tao has 92 EXP. It'd be massive overkill and a waste of good EXP.

Instead, she just roasts the single dwarf with full HP.

Defense 1, Speed 2, HP 1, MP 4.

Defense 1, HP 5. Christ, Ken gets loads of HP.

Gort takes a bat down.

At this point, Dark Dwarves and Giant Bats can only do 1 point of damage to Gillian.

Mae takes a bat out.

While Hans eliminates the last one and Khris finishes off the last of the Dark Dwarves.

This is our formation as we begin our journey into the desert.

The game says that desert terrain has a land effect of 0%, but that's not right. Movement through it is much slower than through fields.

Snipers apparently hit reasonably hard.

Just not to Gillian.

However, the Dark Mage is approaching, and is probably going to Blaze 2 Gillian and anyone near him unless I take him down this turn.

Ken equips his Bronze Lance again and goes after a Sniper.

And kills it in one hit!

This allows Luke to make a beeline for the Mage.

Defense 1, Speed 1.

Gort finishes the Dark Mage off.

While Gong pulls off a massive critical on the remaining Sniper, killing it.

I'll be advancing northwest towards this group. They're nice and bunched up, so I'm going to approach slowly at first to see if I can't get Tao to cause some serious damage.

Almost there...

One more turn...

Time for some damage.

Zombies are weak to fire. The spell did 11 damage to each zombie, and 8 to the Dark Mage.

Unfortunately, two of the mages went after Tao, killing her.

But I get my revenge.

Attack 1, Defense 2, Speed 1.

Ken picks off a weakened Zombie.

As does Luke.

Zombies have pretty decent defense. Gillian only did 6 damage with this attack.

And Mae only did 2.

Ow. Lowe and Hans also get blasted for 9 damage here.

Ow again.

There'll be no more out of him.

A bit closer than I prefer, but now Gillian won't be in danger anymore.

Attack 2, Defense 4.

Attack 3, HP 1, MP 1

Finally, I let Khris have the last kill again.

1 HP, 1 MP.

Alright, time to be the bearer of bad news.

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