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Part 3: Part 03

Welcome back to the kingdom of Thornwood.

Last time, we dipped our toes in the murky waters of the Labyrinth, but this time we're going all the way. Sue has just made it past the spot where he quit the day before...

...and been ambushed by man-apes. And once more, I've failed to screenshot them without the surprise filter. Oh well, time enough for that later.

Darkbats are faster, stronger and tougher than the slugs and oozes, but we're faster, stronger and tougher than we were when slugs and oozes were a threat. They deal one HP of damage and die in one hit. This fight was completely unremarkable except for the fact that the 9 XP we got for it was enough to kick Sue up to level six. He just needs one or maybe two more...

Here's something new. We won't be seeing a lot of these, but there's a large room here, two squares wide! Exciting!

There's also something else here we haven't seen before:

There's water in it.

We can't do anything with it, but it's a nice change from all the identical green walls.

On the way out, we encounter a pair of Killer Bees. These are definitely the biggest threat in the first area of the labyrinth. They're nastier than the Darkbats in every way, though not nasty enough to survive a hit from Sue's short sword. The real problem isn't their stats but the fact that they are the first enemy in the game that can poison us. That would be a problem since we have neither magic nor items to cure it, but fortunately Sue makes it out of this fight unscathed. (Even if they had managed to actually hit him, the chance of poison actually kicking in is pretty low.)

These guys are just slightly stronger Slimy Oozes; a huge threat when you're level 2-3, but at this point they're about as big a threat as their green cousins.

The chest here contains a Herb. We're going to find a use for this pretty soon.

This one has 100 Gold. Money is always useful, but at this stage, it's a pretty low sum to be lying around as "treasure".

But what's this?

You might think this was about to come alive and smash your face in, but it is, in fact, only a statue.

Another door we can't open yet. This, too, will yield to the proper key, but we won't obtain that for quite some time yet.

Back to the grind, and Sue finally hits level eight.

It is time to rock.

As we attempt to pass this corridor, there is a clattering sound.

An enormous, hostile crustacean blocks our path!

The Kaiserkrab is a huge wall made of fuck you. It's the reason we've been grinding way past the point where Sue's attack will reduce any regular encounter into a fine red mist.

Fortunately, Sue has studied Japanese history,

and knows exactly that the best way to kill this thing... to flip over this crab on its back...

...and attack its weak point for MASSIVE DAMAGE.

We get 40 XP and 50 GP for defeating the crab, but most importantly, the Royal Tiara.

It should come as no surprise that the Tiara goes on your head. It will come as a surprise that it increases your defence by a whopping 16 points! To put that in perspective, the second strongest helm we can buy right now, the Bronze Helm, increases def by 14 points and the most expensive, the Iron Helm, ups it by 20.

Turning left into the passage the crab came from reveals something new.

Following that corridor leads to a dead end, however, and so does the other path.

So far in, and we still haven't found any trace of the princess! Or have we? Perhaps someone in town could shed some light on the situation.

I have the strangest luck. Another bronze knife dropped from a pitworm during the last trip. I don't think I've ever got one before, much less two! But it's very welcome; Sue still has shitty armour and will need to pass that tiara on to someone else pretty soon.

As I stop by to sell the thing, we finally encounter...

...a rare deal!

We can't use this weapon, though. Even if we could, it's far beyond our means. I probably won't be buying it even when I do have money.

Anyway, tavern time.

I understand it was a gift from King Drake to the late Queen


How about a song before I go?

The tavern is largely unchanged, but Edward's eyebrows (and the rest of him) are gone, and in his stead... there is this guy.

What happens when you say yes can not be described in mere screenshots. You must watch the video to find out for yourself.

Video: Krun's song.

Well, we didn't find the princess, but we found something vaguely related to her, so we should report in.

Video: Returning with the Royal Tiara.

I suspect that Jessa is somewhere within the Labyrinth.

You know, I was just going to say the same thing.

THEOS: You say you found the TIARA in the Labyrinth?
MINISTER: I fear the worst, should the Princess be held in the Labyrinth Proper...
there's no way you can rescue her by yourself.
SUE, I advise you to go and form a party for your search.
It would be wise to choose only those that you can trust.
I have something to give you, return to me after you form a party.

I'm going to have a party, all right!

Melvyl the Mage knows the Labyrinth well. Perhaps he can enlighten us.
MELVYL: As you wish.
The Labyrinth was once the proving ground for young knights.
It's true challenge is in the upper levels known as the Labyrinth Proper.
Only those deemed worthy by the Ancients can enter the upper levels.

"Those deemed unworthy may instead enter the Labyrinth Improper, but we don't speak of these things."

MELVYL: To prove his worth, a knight must face the Trials of the Ancients.
It is said, that the way to the upper levels lies beyond an altar.
Some have recently faced the Trials, but none have returned.
For the Princess' sake, I pray that you are worthy enough.

No worries about that. Worthy is my middle name. Sue Worthy McHerosonson.

It's a complicated family okay.

VYRUN: Curses! Somebody'll have to face the Trials to save the Princess!

Vyrun, as always, has very little of interest to say.

Here, take this gold as a reward for all your troubles.

And now I'm doing something very stupid.

I trade my shiny new hat for 200 lousy GP.

The Royal Tiara sells for 750 gold in town.

It is a fuckawesome unique helmet that can be equipped by any one of our three characters.

You are not given a choice as to whether you'll hand it over.

Do not, under any circumstances, talk to Tristan at this point.

TRISTAN: Didn't you have two good friends in the village? Why not bring them here?

Fuck you, Tristan. I thought we were cool.

Bonus video: Horribly anticlimactic Kaiserkrab battle.

Name voting is open for another 24 hours.

After that, I'll post the last bit of the updates I did for the sandcastle and start on fresh, new ones. It looks like Sue is winning so far. I don't mind that since I've kind of grown fond of the name, but some of the other ones have been cool as well. Lune would make me feel as if I'm playing a Phantasy Star villain with terrible fashion sense, which could be pretty amusing.