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Part 2: Days 2 and 3. The thong tribe.

Days 2 and 3. The thong tribe.

Harvester under attack.



when in these dangerous places. Always have an escape plan that you can use in case you are discovered. If a large group of enemies finds you, don't be a hero -- run.

Being able to quickly analyse a situation and take the appropriate action is the mark of a truly skilled ninja.



no coincidence that people in Utakata bury their dead in wells.

Falling down to the underworld will result in your death, as you might expect. But this also holds true of your enemies. If you are careful, you can use the wells you your advantage.



I assume you know that the lords' armies are made up of the lord and his guards and several units of samurai who protect them. You must first defeat those samurai. Attack the funds, food and lower ranking warriors of the samurai units. Once you have weakened them in this way, assassinate the samurai general. Once you have defeated all of the samurai, you can attack the lord's men themselves. Weaken them in the same way and wait for your chance to attack.

But the enemy isn't likely to just sit back and let you kill them. While you're attacking them, your own side's army may run short of money or food, or other unforeseen events may occur. And if you wait too long, the enemy may recruit new soldiers to replace the old.

All of this will depend on how well you perform your missions. It's no exaggeration to say that the very future of Utakata is in your hands.


The upcoming story mission:


Shimoyashiki, so the stone should still be there. I hate to ask this of you, but I think the simplest way to get it back would be for you to go to Honcho Shimoyashiki yourself. Get it before someone else takes it.

Important vote here:

Introducing weapon blueprints. Sometimes lords spend cash on exclusive access to new weapons. Goh doesn't get them but at least some of that lord's troops will carry them in missions making our life harder.

The red balls are the difficulty rating.



I can't have something so important stolen, and the enemy can't afford to let me have them, so you can see how crucial they are. I need you to act as a courier. You must make it through Dandala Peak.

You may not be equal to the job, but I'm not expecting a lot. Just give it a try.



I want you to attack the people transporting the Bow Designs and stop them from being delivered to Sadame. Steal the Bow Designs and bring them to me.

This might be a bit more than you can handle, but I don't expect much from you. Give it all you've got.

This mission is crazy hard, since its effectively timed, takes place on a cramped mountain road with bottomless pits everywhere and the courier is guarded by a small army. I might need to go shopping for tools.


"The Cunning Plan" package:

1) Take Akame's mission to steal Sadame's blueprints;

2) Do not send the them to Akame;

3) Send them to Ichijo instead.

This will give the tech to Ichijo, boost his trust, but Goh will get no payment at all and Akame will be one step away from blowing his lid.


"The Tactical Coward" package:

Same as C: but we don't send the prints anywhere and let them collect dust in out storage.