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Part 10: Days 34-40. Big Boss Raiden.

Days 34-40. Big Boss Raiden.

What you'll see in the update is the second attempt to record events staring with day 34. The first one ended up with no sound (and no progress) so I scrapped it, saving only a few gifs.

Uneven ground door stab. Goh uses telekinesis and pulls it off with his eyes closed:

Kenobi ninja facial animation :

Why you don't want to fight Yojimbo fair:

In spite of what you see in the gif I failed the mission by falling down a well when there were only 2-3 enemies remaining on the map. I also fell down my own pit trap during garden defence once, and you do lose random inventory items if you die there.

And I use discarded footage for the episode picture:

The dashing stranger.





whether they will feel comfortable assigning difficult missions to you.

If their letters contain lines such as, "this may be difficult for you", then they still aren't convinced of your skill. Their opinion of your skill will gradually increase as you complete missions for them. Also, the more difficult the mission you complete, the more their opinion of your skill will increase.

As their opinion of you increases, you will be paid more and be trusted with more important missions. But even if a particular lord has little respect for you, he may ask you to perform a difficult mission if he thinks you are skilled enough. You'll need to accept some difficult missions if you want to move ahead in the world.


stopping a fast enemy like him. And if you think you're up to it, you could also try making him step on a Land Mine. You might also try using a Speed or Strength Potion to make yourself more formidable.


A lord's Provisions is how much food he has to feed his men. If he runs out of food, his men can starve, and starving troops are weaker than usual. One method of attacking an enemy is to target his Provisions and weaken his men.

To you, though, both of these are just tools to be used in the course of your missions. Read the kawaraban newspapers and think about what each lord might want the most at that time. If you give them what they want, you're sure to be rewarded handsomely.

If the FAQs are right, the next story mission will be from Onji and is not lord-specific. Let's do whatever