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Part 18: Days 62-64. That was my sister, bear!

Days 62-64. That was my sister, bear!

How can this be...?




controlling others and even at extracting their souls. I don't know if he was afraid of me or if he just didn't like me, but in any case he used his black skills against me, as you can see.

You have escaped his clutches twice, but I'm afraid the same is not possible for me. For you see, my body has already been reduced to ash...


Since then, the followers of the good ascetic have guarded the scroll containing the secret of necromancy and watched over the shrine where Gamuran was imprisoned. These later became what we knew as the Asuka ninja.

As for Gamuran, he was able to extract his own soul, allowing him to live on within the shrine that became his prison. Until you released him, that is...

As he is now, Gamuran is nothing more than a spirit. He used you as a part of his plan to find the secret of necromancy and regain his physical form.

I believe this is the truth behind what has been happening.



Do we kidnap THE successful merchant or do we not?



duties to the great Amurita.

I'd also like to impress upon them that associating with Akame is very unwise...

I've got information that someone resembling Kenobi Ninja is involved in this mission. It's never simple is it? Even for you, this may be somewhat gruelling. Be sure to take caution.



I've already sent a message to Akame saying, "If you don't retreat, all of your troops at Sengen Town may just be spirited away." It didn't work, though. They haven't moved an inch.

That's where you come in, Crow. Go to Sengen Town and "spirit away" the soldiers.

Amurita, as always, stands by His word.



at Sengen Town go there to hand around...

There's no mistake about it. They're causing trouble.

In order to make my followers happy, I'm leaving the girls at Sengen town up to you.

You have helped us, the Amurita, so much. Do you think you could do this for us?



prevent it from meeting up with their main force.

Even for you, this may be somewhat gruelling. Be sure to take caution.

Any better names for a knockout pot? Muhammad Ali?


Don't watch before the video and quote carefully because timg and spoiler tags don't mix.