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Part 21: Days 74-78. One down.

Days 74-78. One down.




But if you do manage to make any, don't use it against us. We'll kill you.



Has she ever actually used it?! It lets you know the locations of all the ingredients on the ground! It's "super" you know! It's perfect for missions where you have to collect things! And it's easy to make! It's totally worth making, but does she care? Noooo! Hmph!

Oh well, never mind. Don't tell anyone that I told you this.

Our choice is shrinking



This man will get what he deserves for abandoning the Amurita Faith for his private greed. Show me that you're worthy of the name Crow and steal this merchant's hidden fortune.

By the way, some of our members will be on guard, so try to avoid being seen.

Even for you, this may be somewhat gruelling. Be sure to take caution.



Straying from the matter for a moment, the girls at Ryonin Market have been a little strange......there's word of them sneaking food to the enemy. The girls at Ryonin Market are enthusiastic followers and very important to the Amurita Faith. But if they are working for the enemy, then that would explain the loss of provisions.

I want you to go and sort out the matter. I know I can trust you with this work. It's up to you know.



All you have to do is carry the rice bag through Dandala Peak. It's very important, so don't lose it.

I've got information that someone resembling Mosu Ninja is involved in this mission. It's never simple is it? This'll be a piece of cake for you. Thanks a lot.