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by Iris of Ether

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Original Thread: Halloween Special! Shivers 2: The World's Worst Band Camp



Not content with nearly getting our soul eaten in Windlenot's abandoned museum? Want to throw Native American psuedo-mysticism in the mix? Not nearly sick enough of 90's rock? Well buckle up, then, because it's time for Shivers 2!


Shivers 2 is a Sierra horror game released in 1997 (two years after the original Shivers). Similar to the first game, you play a less-than-cautious kid surrounded by mythological horrors that want to eat you. You must solve puzzles to fight them.

Unlike the first game, this tends to involve watching a lot of music videos.

...You'll see.


Similar to how I did Shivers 1, the format for this LP will be a hybrid: screenshots with videos and sound interspersed as appropriate. Video links will look like the following:

I'll try to update daily, though it will likely be slightly slower than Shivers 1. That's because this time I'll be relying on a lot more feedback from all of you. I'll leave it up to the thread to decide where to go next, and how to solve certain puzzles. Since this makes daily updates more unpredictable for me, I'm not able to work on updates ahead of time, and that will leave me susceptible to the true horror lurking beneath: Real Life.

It's Puzzle Time!

Shivers 2, being a puzzle game, is full of them. When possible, I will try to skip past a puzzle solution so that you can attempt the puzzles yourselves. I'll post the solutions in the following update. For certain puzzles, I will try to avoid solving them at all until someone in the thread figures out the solution. Help the thread out by posting answers, ideas, and wild conjecture!

Table of Contents

Bonus Materials:

My LP of Shivers 1 is here.

I found an interview from this year(!) with Metal Jesus, the guitarist in the Shivers 2 music videos. He's apparently still a music and games enthusiast.

Here are links to the lyrics of the music videos (as I post them).
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