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Part 3: The Enemy of Good Taste

I see there are several votes for the Sheriff's Office, but to have this up today, I started working on the cafe before those were posted. Sorry! If you don't vote again before the next update, I'll try to make sure your vote gets carried over.

As you can see on the map, the cafe is just off of the street we ran past on our way back to the hotel last update. This is what the intersection looks like.

Forget the museum frippery, a diner this retro would be a tourist attraction in its own right.

Instead of famous people, they have pictures of the locals on the wall. That is because the only way a famous person would come here is if their plane crashed into it.

The only picture we can look at up close is this picture of a couple middle-aged women. Also, Darkcloud has decided to give us another call. He's like one of those creepy stalkers that calls you every 20 minutes because you won't return his calls and he just can't bear the idea that you don't want anything to do with him.

The phone is all the way in the back room, so of course it goes to the answering machine. Not like we would have answered it anyway.

You know, I'm actually inclined to agree with him after what we've seen so far.

Well, while we're here let's take a look around.

We'll start with the answering machine. Darkcloud's message is on here, but our earlier message with nothing but heavy breathing is conspicuously absent.

"...put the fear of the Lord in him!"

This guy cracks me up every time I hear his voice. It's a hilarious caricature of a southern fire-and-brimstone preacher.

"...mayor, if they're up to something, I need to know."

This guy, on the other hand, sounds like he wants to stab you in the kidney out of sheer boredom.

"...My own son... But that's not why I called. I'm kind of in a rough spot. I wondered if one of your nephews -- not the kids I picked up, but one of your own blood relatives -- could watch the store for a couple of hours. Tad's called an emergency town council meeting and I can't afford to close. I'll leave a few quarters... there's still a couple cans of soda left in the machine. But you better warn them: if one item in my store is missing, they'll be spending time with Burt -- in jail."

He sure knows how to ask for a favor.

That's it for the messages, so time to rummage through the drawers and steal everything that isn't nailed down.

I saw that TV on the way in, and I am not looking forward to what that means.

These drawers actually have things in them! Amazing!

Hey! It's photos for us!

I don't think we know who any of these people are....

There's a log book of some kind on top of the desk.

That sounds like useful information to keep in mind for later.

On the way out, we get a good look at a psychadelic mural and a lava lamp. I'm not sure if this place is just retro or if Aunt Pearl's been hittin' the hemp.

Making our way through one beaded doorway leads to the next beaded doorway. Of more interest, there's a strange flamingo key hanging on the wall next to it.

We'll just hang on to that for safekeeping.

The rest of the kitchen is- what the fuck is that.

I'm pretty sure that's not on the menu.

It doesn't seem to do anything, but we can take this blank piece of paper, so sure, why not.

The only other thing of interest in the kitchen area is this...

Remind me never to eat here.

Unfortunately, we passed one of these on the way in.


Gum. (Ew.)

Well then.

In theory, we could watch as many videos as we want at any of these TVs, but I can only stomach so many terrible lyrics per sitting.

We haven't reached our quota for the day, though, so...

This video is a fairly important one, as Mom alluded to earlier. While I'm trying not to explain too much about the game (so you can figure it out for yourselves, which is half all the fun), this is one time I'll make a major exception.

There are several folks in town that each have their own symbol to represent them. We need to figure out who has what symbol, and which one of them is Darkcloud. We'll be tested on this later, so let the accusations and wild conjecture begin!

To the right of the TV is a location appropriate plant.

...and another museum exhibit.

Continuing on our way back to where we came in, we find this lone candle sitting on a table. It looks like it can be interacted with, but doesn't seem to do anything. Usually that means we need to come back with an item of some sort.

Finally, back to where we came in. Now that Darkcloud isn't interrupting us with his latest booty call, let's take a closer look at the stuff on the counter.

Heh, "Cylone" Burger.

Inside the menu, we find a random 5.25" floppy. Anyone remember those?

We put the disk in our pocket and discover that it was affixed to the menu with a squished spider.

There's also a lone flower sitting next to the stack of menus.

...which we can also take.

...and that's it for the cafe.

Puzzles: None this update.

Can't get anything from the vending machine.
Which windowsill do we need to look under?
We might be able to find quarters at Phil's store.
The literal key to "the truth" is under Burt's trailer.
Who is Darkcloud?
Find something to use on the candle.


We can cross the cafe off the list. For clarity, please vote again if you can, but I'll try to carry over votes for anyone who doesn't get another post in before I start work on the next update.

Location list:
Barber Shop
Burt's Trailer
Community Church
Cyclone Cafe
Gusty's Gas Station
Max's Cave
Mine Entrance
Pearl's House
Phil's Market
Savings & Loan
Sheriff's Department