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Part 12: It's Bigger on the Inside

Does anyone want some puzzle solutions? No? Well here they are anyway.

Actually, Toffile did want a puzzle solution, in gif form. Here you go, buddy. I have a very special gif for you.

I also find it funny that we both happened to come up with the exact same solution.

Nobody wanted this solution though.

Time to pay a visit to the guy who lives halfway between a trailer and the jail. I'm guessing Burt is this game's token minority character.

I didn't really need to know that Burt is a boxers kinda guy.

Before going in, let's grab the key we learned about in the cafe. The metal siding looks like it can be interacted with, but does nothing when clicked, suggesting we need to use an item.

The crowbar does the trick, and then magically disappears from our inventory. I don't think crowbars work like that....

Great. The key to the truth is actually only half of the key to the truth. Why am I not surprised?

Maybe he has more useful things for us to steal on the inside.

If I lived in a trailer, a modern art sculpture would top the list of, "shit I don't need to cram in this tiny ass space." Luckily, Burt's trailer follows the Tardis principle, so he goes hog wild.

Burt has not been reading his mail, so we get to read it instead!

Oh for fuck's sake, we finally stumble on somebody's stash and we can't even take it. Screw you, Shivers 2.

Looks like we're not the only vampire in town. This one seems to collect $150 matchbooks.

More modern art. We can't investigate any of it, though so let's check out the armoire on the left instead.

If that snake followed me here again, I'm going to be pissed.

First snakes and now bees!?

The bees take off a little health each time we try to open it. They must be trained attack bees which sting invaders and then go back to their home base to lie in wait. This is somehow better than a trained attack snake that follows you across town. What the fuck, people? Can't you just get dogs? Wait. Don't answer that.

There's a dartboard just across from the armoire. It looks like it's got somebody's picture stuck to it. Classy.

The goddamn bees can throw darts.

We're going to leave the scary ass bees to play darts by themselves and go raid the kitchen.

I guess he knows about the mystery meat.

Oh, it's just gift tuna. It's the thought that counts?

The nearby cupboard has... more tuna.

...and a box with this... thing. Whatever. It's our thing now.

The other side of the kitchen has a fridge that we can't properly raid and another cupboard that we can.

Another... thing. Burt sure loves his random, inexplicable things. Apparently, so do we.

Believe it or not, this trailer has yet another room to expore.

Here I was expecting all of the paintings to be of the same person, to heighten the sheer creep factor.

So Burt's cousin is married to someone with Indian blood. That counts as a token minority character, right?

She looks younger when painted, but I assure you, she's the one behind it all. Don't let those rosy cheeks fool you.

$150 worth of matches! Who's the vampire collector now?

...I mean, the vampire that collects. Not one that collects vampires. That sounds like a dangerous hobby.

I'm pretty sure someone that's been dead for five years would look a lot more rotted and skeletal.

The shovel in the corner suggests maybe Burt knows what she really looks like even more than we do.

On our way out, we also find a hilarious picture of Burt doing his best Burt Reynolds impression in front of Max doing his best Michael Cera impression.

...and that's it for the Tardis trailer.

There's one more thing we can do this update, though, and that takes us to the cafe.

Remember this old thing? I bet it didn't expect us to come back with matches. That's right. We're ready for you now. Bring it.

Take that!

Uh... I don't think that actually did anything.

...except make us lose one of our matches.

Puzzles: None this update.

"Check under the windowsill"
The literal key to "the truth" is under Burt's trailer. solved this update
We're missing truth key 1 of 2.
Who is Darkcloud?
Find something to use on the candle. solved this update
Does the candle even do anything?
We have some kind of triangle code thing.
Find something to use on the gas pump.
Find three chess pieces.
What do the directions in the church music and Spell It Out mean?
We need to find a stone symbol of a bearclaw.
We need to find a stone symbol of a ... snake ... thing. It wasn't in Phil's store?
We can't get anything from the soda machine.
The goddamn bees.


Okay, so I requested no snakes and you guys gave me bees. Very funny. Can we please pick a location with fewer trained attack animals?

Location list:
Barber Shop
Burt's Trailer
Max's Cave
Mine Entrance
Savings & Loan