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by Iris of Ether

Part 1: What a lovely evening for some trespassing

Let's get this party started.

Locking ourselves in a museum that's been abandoned for 15 years. Surely nothing can go wrong with this plan.

Video: We start things off right by getting a nice 'vote of confidence' from our 'friends'.

After getting taunted by our stylish 90's cast, we are dropped inside the locked museum gate. Let's see if we can get inside the place before they return from their Saved by the Bell tryouts.

The only thing of interest at the gate is this dragon mailbox.

We find a piece of old mail, in surprisingly good condition for being in the weather for 11 years.

Looks like no one ever told Geoffrey that Daddy was a rumored axe murderer.

After reading, the mail falls out, revealing the number "29".

That's all there is at the gate. Let's move inward.

Windlenot seems well-loved enough.

The main entrance is up these stairs. Let's head inside.

I know I like my giant foreboding castles with a side of pyramid.

Pressing the doorbell gets us a recording:

Of course, the front doors don't work. I'm also not going to hold my breath that this is the 'near future' that the museum gets opened in.

Instead, let's go channel our inner hooligan and look for a convenient window to smash in.

We passed a pot on the way in, but the only thing hidden behind it is a weird engraving.

You know that one creepy dude in town who fills his yard with lawn gnomes? This is what it'd look like if he were rich.

Either that, or he went shopping during bargain clearance day at the local modern art gallery.

There's another small plate on the park bench.

I'm beginning to see why Mrs. Windlenot let him stay abroad.

There seems to be something in that stone circle. However, there's a moat in the way, and I doubt our protagonist is willing to throw the park bench in or go swimming during a Midwestern Autumn. Shame.

On the plus side, there's a lockbox in this little gazebo.

You have the world's worst security plan, Windlenot.

...Or maybe you don't.

Puzzle Time!

As mentioned in the OP, several updates in this Let's Play will end with a puzzle. I'll aim to have all featured puzzles be completable without having this game installed, and in most cases with just pen & paper. Depending on how this goes, I'm considering doing requests or other small bonuses for the fastest or best solvers.

For this first puzzle, we must reverse the positions of the gears so that all 3 black gears are on bottom, and all 3 white gears are on top. Each gear may only move one space away at a time (vertically, horizontally, or diagonally), or else the move is not allowed. We get 7 moves.

The solution will be posted at the beginning of the next update. Until then, solve away!