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by Iris of Ether

Part 2: Shivers: First Blood

This lock isn't going to open itself.

Putting the last gear into place causes the crank to turn freely.

This raises a stepping bridge to the Stonehenge island.

Blocked by view by one of the standing stones, there's another engraving carved into the base of the castle.

In the center of the standing stones, we have a 6-part mural. The colors of the shapes don't match the ones that we've seen. However, the tiles rotate to show new shapes.


We rule!

...what is wrong with us?

Did we never watch slasher films?

It's actually kind of impressive that the lighting still works. In we go.

And at the end of the intdeterminably long stretch of greenness, we have a door.

And a creepy underground lake. Hey, that's normal, right?

Also, creepy boat.

The only path forward is on the other side. Not my idea of a convenient morning commute.

You need to manipulate the levers to reverse the direction of the boat.

It's quiet in here.

Something's not right....

Video: OH SHI-


We've just been introduced to the main danger mechanic of the game. Spirits hiding throughout this museum eat bits of your lifeforce whenever you get close to them. There's a trick to avoiding most of them, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Let's get to shore.

We find a cute little pot on the shore.

video: Exposition ho!

(I almost feel like he should be rapping here or something....)

Er, back on topic. The deceased Professor Windlenot introduces the main game mechanic. The thing that just gnawed on our face was an Ixupi. In order to avoid dying to it, we must collect pots & talismans to try and capture them. Straightforward enough.

Here's a closeup on the pot that the Professor just came from. As he mentioned, this one's been used, so we can't pick it up.

However, it looks like there's something on the other shore that I missed, so let's paddle back.


The dessicated Professor Windlenot has a book with him.

Certainly unimportant.

Back on the other shore, there's a tunnel that we haven't explored yet.

And there's an elevator at the end. Instead of a call button, though, there's a puzzle panel.

This puzzle is randomized whenever you open the panel, which doesn't make for the easiest screenshots to catch. So, rather than do a contest, I'm just going to assume you guys are all totally awesome puzzle solvers and would have gotten it anyway. Go you!