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by Iris of Ether

Part 3: Esteemed Professor Windlenut

With an open elevator, we can finally get to the museum proper.

The lake entrance leads into what looks like Windlenot's private office.

Turning around as we enter, there's a map on the wall.

According to the devs, a large percentage of content in the museum was based off of things in the real world. I'll use this icon when discussing it.

There is, in fact, an underwater 'road' near Bimini. And there are, in fact, 'Atlantologists' that believe the same thing that's written here.

The phone line is conveniently cut. However, I'm more interested in what's in the drawer.

We've found our first talisman!

Rifling through a dead man's possessions seems to be working out for us pretty well so far, so let's keep with it.

That's just cold.

There aren't any tar pits in Turkey. (None that I've read of, anyway.)

Flattering picture.

Certainly unrelated.

There's also a tape recorder on the desk.

The desk has nothing else of interest, but there's a newspaper in the jacket.

It's an article about some lost kids.

There's nothing of interest in the fireplace.

Connected to the office is Windlenot's workshop.

That's...a pretty creative interpretation, there.

Fiddling around with the drawers, I can't get anything to open at this point.

(...Yes, I am being dumb.)

The room is mostly filled with jars, but there's this giant wooden idol at the end.

...A giant wooden idol that plays mildly creepy music whenever we are within 2-3 screens of it.

Let's investigate it, though! No pain, no gain!

If you play the game with the sound on, you will hear an auditory warning whenever you get close to an Ixupi hiding place. I got mauled by the idol because I ignored it. Conversely, while I really shouldn't have shoved my nose into the fireplace (as it's another hiding place), no Ixupi music meant I was safe to do so.

As I don't want to get mauled again, I've exited back into Windlenot's office.

However, I'm not going into the museum yet. I'd rather snoop around the passage hidden behind the rug.

Please enjoy the best music in the game.

Now you, too, will have it in your head for the next week.

One elevator puzzle later, we have found Windlenot's bedroom.

One can never have too many pith helmets.



This is all a little depressing.

Does it still count as foreshadowing if you've already been gnawed on?

A translation has been done of the tablets, but we'll have to find it elsewhere.

I'd blame the kids for following him, but there is really not a lot to do in those Midwestern towns.

There's no additional reason to snoop up here, so next time, we'll enter the museum proper!