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by Iris of Ether

Part 5: Sweet Valley Horror

This place has the best scary movie techno remix music.

There's a discarded piece of paper on the floor.

I'm pretty sure Windlenot didn't leave this here.

It looks like at least one of the missing kids managed to break into the museum.

Turning one way leads to a dead end. (The wall looks movable, but you can't make it through from this side.)

We head the other way. It leads to a staircase. There's a discarded purse here.

...Well, she wasn't going to use it.

This information will be used in the upcoming "1980's teenage girl" puzzle.

That's probably useful.

That's enough of that.

We have more creepy hallway to explore!

This must be where Windlenot is storing his generator.

The place looks surprisingly undisturbed.

There's a gentle humming from behind this door.

I poke around, but there's really nothing down here to play with.

Back out of the creepy generator room!

Heading back past the entrance from the library, there's another path we didn't explore.

We find...a mangled tube of lipstick?

The camera turns to stare at us!

Around the corner is another elevator.

The more we play this game, the more complicated it becomes. At some point every time I play this, I pretty much shun them in favor of taking really circuitous routes to places, because fuck the elevators.

Edited out: Reloading the elevator puzzle 5-8 times to get one that doesn't require 5 straight minutes of clicking.

Let's hop in.

And this is the other reason I avoid the elevators.

Alright, up to the 2nd floor.

It's a crumbling maze back here.

It is incredibly easy to get turned around in here.

Eventually, we find a 'gallery' of paintings hidden back here, including some...Van Gogh and Monet? Bonus points to those who can help ID the rest of them.

This door looks promising.

Before we can open it, though, we need to solve the puzzle.