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Part 10: Requisite Musical Episode

Okay, that's enough of a victory dance for now. It's time to be obnoxious on a keyboard.

If you play back the melody that the Siren song placard sang...

The Rhodes Colossus face pops out to stare at you.

In actuality, it pops open a door leading to an ominous tunnel.

...I'm not sure this is less worrying.

Wikipedia suggests he did actually believe this. Though it also points out that he wasn't sure whether it was inhabited or not, and he came up with the theory to explain odd compass behaviors. And, you know, it was 1692. So I'm cutting him some slack here.

Down the creepy passage...

Well, shit. There are stone buttons, but pressing them doesn't do anything. Dead end.

So we're back in the lobby now.

The shadowy Egyptian door seems as terrible good an idea as any.

The open panel reveals a puzzle where tiles need to be rearranged in order to make a pattern.

Thankfully, the book we pried from Windlenot's cold, dead hands gives the correct solution.

Opening the door provides passage into a massive Egyptian theater. Let's take a look around this place.

There seems to be something up on stage for us.

But Beth wasn't in the...oh.

I have to admit, that's a pretty bad-ass theater.

There's not much else on stage other than a guilt trip, so let's explore the passages that lead off of the stage.

Exeunt stage left, pursued by an Ixupi.

According to the map we found, this door leads to the clocktower. I'm more interested in the projection room at the moment, though.

That little recessed panel on the right wall is a one-way door into the access tunnels. We 're also ignoring it for now.

Normal enough room.

Nothing back here...

I guess we'll lea

(Yes, it just randomly does that sometimes.)

Another pile of metal that has decided not to eat us at this time. (Some people think the occasional shadow is meant to be the metal ixupi wandering around.)

The movie is all unwound.

I was the video helper in 2nd grade. I WAS MADE FOR THIS. CELLULOID FILM WINDING IS IN MY BLOOD.

20 seconds of fascinated clicking later...

It's showtime!

We now know the combination necessary to enter the maze!

However, for the moment, I'm more interested in seeing what's at the top of the clocktower.

And since it's Windlenot, it's locked.

For bonus points, let's see who can guess the password.