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Part 11: Marginally Less Creepy Than "Parents' Basement"

As guessed correctly, Beth's message in the elevator, combined with Windlenot's writings, clues the password as "GEOFFREY".

Creepy or no, this tower has some pretty cool music in it.

We pass by a set of chains at floor level. They've sustained some damage, though.

The left two and the middle two act 2 loops. If you pull one chain down in a loop, the other pulls up. As we saw before, the third pair is broken.

Up the creepy ladder...

The actual clock face seems to be on this wall. Not much to do here other than get stared at by a huge bronze head.

Hey, wait a minute. There's a little bird pot here.


* Fire: GONE. Ate Beth.
* Water: unknown
* Wax: Statue in museum library
* Ash: In our possesion. READY FOR DEPLOYMENT.
* Lightning: unknown
* Cloth: Pedestal in Atlantis room.
* Metal: unknown
* Wood: unknown
* Crystal: SEALED.
* Sand: Puzzle room, inside human door.
* Tar: unknown
* Jade: GONE. Ate Merrick.
* Stone: GONE. Ate Windlenot.

If I felt any guilt about screwing with Windlenot's vintage audio equipment, I certainly don't now.

This music box plays different songs depending on which button combination you press.

*A1: Sarabande in C Minor
*A2: Little Jack Horner (Jamaican style, not even kidding)
*A3: Waltz of the Pharoahs (broken)
*B1: Little Tommy Tucker (50's rock style)
*B2: Anansi the Spider
*B3: Tribal Chant
*C1: Renaissance Guitar
*C2: (Card is unreadable.)
*C3: Recording of Song Birds

I have to say, I'm fond of this one, though. Like, 'considering setting as a ringtone' fond. And unlike the elevator music, this one runs a far smaller chance of losing me friends.

We can also mess around with Windlenot's expensive closed circuit cameras. You can use the joystick to pan the view around.

Someone spilled a bucket of paint.

Actually, that looks kind of important.

A little weird that Windlenot installed cameras outside. From here, we can tell the clock tower is currently stuck at 12:00.

There's a skull wheel in a room we haven't seen yet.

A recording on Beth running for her life.

Creepy ass puzzle room.

A recording on Merrick running for his life (and losing his inhaler).

Other than that, though, there's not much else up here. So it's back to the chains in the tower stairwell.

If you pull a chain here, then run upstairs and use the camera, you discover that this wall changes the time on the clock. Pulling the 1st chain downward adds 5 hours. Pulling the 3rd chain downward adds 35 minutes. Chains 2 & 4, respectively, reverse 1 and 3.

So then, what's the correct time to set the clock to, and what sequence of chains do you need to pull to get there?