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by Iris of Ether

Part 12: Oh Goodie! Red!

Since the clock started at 12:00, and we'd like to get to 5:30 (as Windlenot mentions in his journal), we need to pull the chains in the following sequence:

Chain 3 --> 12:35
Chain 3 --> 01:10
Chain 3 --> 01:45
Chain 3 --> 02:20
Chain 3 --> 02:55
Chain 3 --> 03:30
Chain 2 --> 10:30
Chain 2 --> 05:30

Or, in short, the home audience also answered this correctly.

Now that that's done, we hear some Big Ben-style chiming from upstairs. Let's go take a look.

The clock face has spun around and left us with a bat talisman. No idea what this goes with, yet, so we'll leave it here.

There's nothing left to do in the clock tower, so that means it's back to the maze.

This time we know what buttons to press.

And the door slides open!

The maze starts here. There's the one path in front of us...

...and one to the left and right.

For lack of any better ideas, let's head in.

I'm pretty sure that the paths are arranged with some strange isolated looping that, if you were to just follow the right hand (or left hand) rule for maze pathfinding, you'd infinitely loop.

It's probably possible to map out, but I'm somewhat lazy, so I usually walk around until I get a good feel for which turns I haven't taken yet, then take those.

What this actually means is that I wander around the maze for 15 minutes, taking occasional breaks to swear when I reappear in the starting room.

Fifteen swearing-filled minutes later...

Ah, finally.

At the end of the tunnel is a room painted up to look like a subterranean kingdom. A very red one. With tar pools.

It looks like there's a pot over there by the exit, but I want to finish checking this room out before leaving.

Here's the camera that we used to get a glimse of this place earlier.

This is actually based off of real allegations. Fake truth is stranger than fiction, I guess.

As we saw on the cameras, one of our remaining skull dials is down here.

Let's get that set properly.

Great, now let's head on over to the...


The Tar Ixupi is guaranteed to be down here when you don't have the tar vessel complete (and possibly when you do), so unless you happen to have completed it and dragged it down here with you, you get to backtrack through the maze.

So while I swear up a storm on the way out, you can instead entertain yourself with what would happen if I just kept trying my luck.