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Part 14: Hunter Hunted

There is really only one position that 3 of the corners can be oriented in (and still connect), so we set them, then work inwards from there.

3 marbles roll through once we complete the paths correctly. As demonstrated in the comments, it's not especially difficult, but I think it's still pretty fun to do.

And the path opens another creepy passage.

We've upgraded from a room dealing with curses to a room dealing with funeral rites. A bit ominous.

There are lots of dark crannies in this room, but Ixupi music is also playing in here, so I'm not exactly about to poke around randomly in here.

However, there is a book lying on the ground under the lion statue.

Let's take a read.

This looks like Merrick's journal.

Aww, Merrick has a crush on the Professor.

We see Merrick's take on the events Windlenot describes in his journal.

Oh. Oh honey no, that's not a good idea....

But wait a minute. If Merrick's book is here, where did he hide?

Well, Merrick. I can't really help you anymore...

And the bottle I have has no champaigne to pour in your honor...

So you'll have to accept this small sendoff instead.

Oh hey look, an Ash pile.


* Fire: GONE. Ate Beth.
* Water: In the Pharaoh's tomb
* Wax: Statue in museum library
* Ash: SEALED.
* Lightning: unknown
* Cloth: Pedestal in Atlantis room.
* Metal: unknown
* Wood: unknown
* Crystal: SEALED.
* Sand: Puzzle room, inside human door.
* Tar: unknown
* Jade: GONE. Ate Merrick.
* Stone: GONE. Ate Windlenot.

With at least one threat neutralized, we can check out some of the other items in the room (somewhat more) safely.

The compartment under the sarcophagus hides a marble jump puzzle.

Moving a marble consists of jumping it over a neighboring vertical or horizontal marble, then removing the marble that was jumped over. The goal is to leave just one marble in the center. I challenge the home audience to give this a try!

The 32-Marble game here works. Apologies for the site, though - if someone can suggest a better one, please do.

Edit: Here is an alternate suggestion, thanks!