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Part 19: Bonus 1 - Interface Explanation

Following up on a prior question, I'll take a moment to go through the game's interface. I've labeled the controls, below.

This is mostly self explanatory. The notches across the top side of the bar will get filled in as we capture Ixupi, so it functions as somewhat of a progress bar.

The life bar is also a bit deceptive. When an Ixupi attacks you, it seems to remove a fixed area's worth of green from the bar (rather than jumping down by fixed lengths), so we really only have about 6-8 hits worth of life. I'll try to show it (and the consequences of death) in a video later.

The View Inventory button doesn't actually do anything until we have a talisman or pot in our possession.

You'll notice that when we pick one up, the eye button begins staring straight at us.

Clicking on it, it shows us the piece we're holding in greater detail. This is useful for identifying pieces.

Hitting the Menu button brings us here. Again, most of the options are self explanatory. We'll take a quick look at what Flashback does, though.

Here's a sample Flashback screen from an earlier save. It will let us view most important books and videos again, so long as we've seen them once. Handy!