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Part 20: Bonus 2 - Making Matched Pots

Glazius posted:

There seriously is no place to collect these idol bases or the heads we're finding? You have to walk around the museum and try every one on every one?

It's thankfully not that bad, though if you're not taking great notes (or have the benefit of screenshots), you could find yourself in that situation.

It's not immediately apparent due to the way I'm presenting the screenshots, but each pot lid has some sort of pattern or flange around the edges that exactly matches that of one pot. The 'examine inventory' button shows up a rotating closeup of your pot piece, so you're expected to get this information from that.

Most lids also can be matched up in sort of a head/body matching way, but that's less reliable.

A clearer example (and one that we'll get to today) is the Water pot, as below: