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Original Thread: Compare the size of your gun to mine then kill yourself. Let's Play Shogo!


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Like a victim of numerous snake bites, I have somehow built up a resistance to all things Lithtech. Realizing that I possess this amazing ability, I figure that it is my solem duty to present to you all the 1998 thriller, Shogo: Mobile Armor Division.

What is Shogo?

Shogo is another entry in the long list of Monolith Software's infamous FPS games that were built upon the Lithtech engine. This time around Monolith decided it would be a good idea to do a tribute to the Japanese anime genre of giant robot fighting machines.

Was it a good idea? Well you'll just have to stick around to find out.

What makes this one unique is the blending of standard on-foot FPS gameplay and giant Mobile Combat Armors (MCA) action. Even though Shogo had the misfortune of being release about 2 weeks before a little known game called Half-Life, it received positive reviews and still has a small cult following to this day.

So everyone grab your Captain Claw plush dolls and get ready to show Japan that the door swings both ways.


Official J-Pop Intro - Complete with incompetent gameplayVimeo
Part 1Vimeo
Part 2Vimeo
Part 3Vimeo
Part 4Vimeo
Part 5Vimeo
Part 6Vimeo
Part 7Vimeo
Part 8Vimeo
Part 9Vimeo

Bonus Videos

Sanjuro has a bad day.Vimeo
This is why games usually stop the player from moving during cut scenes.Vimeo
The Death Reel.Vimeo
This is how Sanjuro rolls.Vimeo
Kura doesn't mess around.Vimeo
Hardest boss fight ever.Vimeo
The Legend of Captain ClawVimeo

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