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Original Thread: This game has no layers. - Let's Play Shrek [VLP]



Let's Play Shrek

Shrek for the OG Xbox is strange. It's not the same strange that made the movie and its sequel popular, either. It's the kind of strange that makes you question which plane of existence the development team was located on, and whether they communicated with regular human culture via string phone. In reality, it's probably just a gross misunderstanding of the property and an inability to replicate its humor.

Tell me about the gameplay through.

Oh, right. Thankfully, we're not here to look at the game's bizarre humor, but rather its game design. And said design is.. a little light, let's say. It almost feels like a minimalist approach, similar to a certain freeware release, except with more farts. Keeping with the spartan theme, the game clocks in at only an underwhelming hour of playtime. There isn't a lot here, but I hope to cover what we've got thoroughly.


Happily ever after!
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