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Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri

by nweismuller

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Original Thread: Let's Settle a New World in... Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri



Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri was a 1999 release by Firaxis Games, the first release by Firaxis to continue the legacy of the earlier 4Xs (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate) Civilization 1 and Civilization 2, which had been released by Sid Meier's earlier company, Microprose. In it, the United Nations colonial mission to Alpha Centauri catastrophically fragments, leaving factions under charismatic leaders to struggle over their new world.

As Cryopod 5 of the starship Unity makes Planetfall, however, those people who chose to follow Nwabudike Morgan to the surface have their hands full with simple survival...

Spoiler Policy

To maintain the sense of discovery on a new world, please do not discuss elements of the game I have not yet introduced.

Voting Policy

Please limit yourself to one vote per vote I request, and put your vote in bold so I can easily tally votes. Non-bolded votes will be ignored.
Free Market voting: With a Free Market, private spending by consumers and firms drives many investment decisions even further. Each update, everybody (including myself, as the LPer) gets four votes to spend on research priorities and 10 votes to spend on energy allocation priorities. Research priority votes are to be divided amongst Explore (planetary sciences and population growth), Build (infrastructural and economic development), Discover (pure science), and Conquer (military applications). Energy allocation votes are to be divided between Economy (cash income), Labs (research), and Psych (luxuries and quality of life). Your votes for Economy and Labs may not diverge by more than 1, and your votes for Psych should be some value between 1 and 4. Based on situation, other votes related to a Free Market economy may be initiated.
Every twenty years, voting between Values can be done. Each voter may cast one vote for any choice of Survival, Knowledge, or Wealth (if available).
Democratic voting: With Democratic politics, the population now can vote for candidates for Colony Executive to execute security and diplomatic policy. The current extant parties are the Republic Security Party, North Pholus Commerce Party, and Party for Planet.

Political Participation Policy

As the game develops, I will eventually introduce the opportunity for readers to introduce political parties, commercial enterprises, politicians, or business leaders. If you wish to introduce such an element to the game, please give leaders actual names and keep the names of organisations within a reasonably realistic and serious tone, so that I will be more likely to approve them to have a place within the setting.

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