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Part 21: God is dead

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This is your VidChannel 3 news bulletin - access restricted to level 3 citizens and above.

Lal of the UN, who surrendered to Hive forces last month, has formally affirmed his support of Hive socio-economic policies, defying the predictions of seditious elements.

Speaking at an exhibition attended by Yang and his top level 20 officers, Lal confirmed that maintaining order is a core component of any humanitarian principle, and that clearly, criminals and traitors to any government have forfeited any and all human rights.

In fact, Dr Lal said, reading from a prepared statement, the greatest threat to humanity is none other than Lady Skye of the Gaians, for her impairment of necessary industrial development. This is underlined, according to him, by the recent attempt by the Gaians to seize full power by diplomatic means.

Fortunately, this attempt was narrowly defeated, despite the actions of Deirdre's slave states.

In fact, Lal said, recent observations of fungal growth show the true pressing need for development - for only heavy industry can build the fungicidal formers necessary to hold back the tide, and perhaps eradicate xenofungus altogether. Deirdre must have her mind addled from exposure to that Xenoempathy Dome, and other projects of dubious scientific value, he commented.

After the exhibition, which showcased new Hive tank technology, as well as designs for new Helicopter gunships, Lal emerged from a back room. He had a bruise due to an accidental fall, but this did not dampen his enthusiasm for the following speech, which he read out:

"People outside always think of the Hive as being monsters, with the Hive army spreading the darkness of oppression, but it just isn't true. Look at what the army of Gaia is doing! We hear tales from the occupied Lab Three that would make our blood run cold. Mad experiments with worms and humans. Torture of mind and body. Production of total monstrosities."

"And the so-called army of Miriam is no better. Look at what happened to New Jerusalem!"

"The Hive offered multiple offers for the town to surrender, one following each attack. However, the Believers simply used the opportunity to press more child soldiers into the fight, and continue in their use of civilian human shields. With each fight, the Hive was forced to flush them out with white phosphorus and so on, incurring unavoidable collateral damage."

"The total annihilation of the town and every man, woman and child within it was regrettable, of course, but it was not the massacre that Gaian propagandists claim it is. The fault of the deaths lies wholly on the tactics of Miriam and her quasi-terrorist followers. As we speak, the site of the town is being transformed into a memorial - to the forces of human ignorance, and those heroes who fought to push it back."

"Now, look at what the Hive army is doing. To the southwest, the air force is successfully controlling the corrupting influence of the Gaians, keeping their invasion force pinned down and unable to rape and pillage the Clapton countryside. They do this at considerable risk to themselves, battling not just AAA fire, but also Deidre's horrific pet worms, who threaten to charm the pilots out of the skies to their doom."

"And yet the Hive does not take the town. Why? Because of consideration for the civilian population, after the New Jerusalem fiasco. You've heard of agents being sent in, of course. They are there to check on the status of the people and offer humanitarian aid, not for espionage as the Gaians claim. The world should salute these brave comrades, who must brave airstrikes, and torture if captured."

"And to the East, the task of the troops, now crossing the desert on great planes, is different. Their task, now, is to hunt down the last remnants of the Believer terrorist group. With their airforce ambushed on the ground due to good intelligence, the Believers may now be outmanuevered, captured, and re-educated into being good citizens. Bases once loyal to them are being liberated almost every day. I hear that the final outpost of Miriam herself has been found, and a special forces team sent in. So, soldiers of the Hive, I salute you!"

In other news today, Morganite investment in the Hive has grown to record levels.

In addition, spurred on by the guiding words of Chairman Yang, a new breed of scientists are emerging from Hive universities. According to education officials, the year's clutch of PhD thesises alone have equalled Gaia's best work. Papers include:

Gaian claims of plagarism being 'rampant' has been denied by a spokesman.

"After all, the only way these could be copied is from the Gaians, and aren't all Gaian tech files secured by strong encryption? Why must these people belittle the efforts of our young people?"

"Why would the Gaians even have files on Neural Grafting, anywa-"


We have word coming in from official sources that Miriam Godwinson has been captured. The last of her followers have been killed or captured. The trial has already taken place, and Mrs Godwinson has been convicted of 9 category A war crimes, and 96 individual charges of murder, child abuse (for it is child abuse to subject children to religion), rape, and so on.

Before sentencing, Miriam said that she welcomed death, for it would simply bring her closer to 'God', as had happened to those others who were 'martyred' in the bloody fight for the last of her cave-fortresses.

She was to be disappointed, however. Chairman Yang, presiding, overruled the death decision, and instead passed down a different sentence.

"Then I will give you life, as you claim your God did for you. An eternity of life, in fact, sustained by the best longevity technology we possess. I will even create a world for you. It would be a small world, though, the inside of a punishment sphere, but I hope that within, you will be able to contemplate your failure amidst the pain, and seek some sort of redemption in reason and logic. Take her away!"

For once Miriam's icy demeanour was broken. According to witnesses, she broke openly into tears, and begged for forgiveness.

But judgement has been passed. Thus be the fate of all who wish to harm the Hive!

Long live Chairman Yang! Long live Chairman Yang!

As you might have guessed, I'm letting that Gaian base sit there, since it lets me probe her every turn. (Not in that way.) Ok, your choice today is about how the Hive military will develop in preparation for our invasion of Zakharov or Morgan. We already have a substantial air force, a fairly small but elite land force (mostly speeders and infantry garrisons). How will we grow this? Put the following in order:


Air - Build helicopters, update our planes.
Sea - Build a navy, and marines.
Land - Grow our land forces, and start building hovertanks.