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Part 2: The Augmented

Chapter 2: The Augmented

The people have taken to assembling for their daily work shifts around a curious monument: a statue of the Buddha, sculpted from scavenged parts of our spacecraft. No one seems to know who made it, or why they put it smack dab in the middle of city hall, but I have to admire their craft and ingenuity.

By BanHunLek, a metal shop in Thailand.

Today, people have gathered around it an hour before the Central Planning committee is due to hand out the assignments. It's to discuss one thing, of course—the nature of the ship that crashed to the east.

The explorer team sent to the site should be transmitting their findings any minute. In the meantime, I should prepare some kind of welcome for our new neighbors.

The Kavithan Protectorate has landed practically on our doorstep. There's a whole damn planet out there, you religious nutters! At least the American Reclamation Corporation had the decency to land some distance away. I don't trust those slimy bastards for a second, but they should make valuable trading partners.

Ah, the transmission has arrived! …

Wait, what? Survivors? Goodness. Bring them back here for now! The hospital should be operational by the time they get here. We'll make it work.

The survivors say they want refuge, huh. Well, I'm not opposed to it, but our resources are already stretched pretty thin. I don't want to turn away people in need, but it might be better for both of our people just to give them some spare tools and let them strike out on their own. But tell them we're considering it. The Committee will decide after we've taken care of their wounds... assuming our doctors even know what to do with their bodies. Don't tell them that last part.

Seriously, look at that bullshit. This is going to be amazing. Also, you might notice I've almost finished a Clinic. I had started one earlier, switched to the Old Earth Relic when the thread voted on it, then found it only had two turns left when I switched back. But we'll need to decide what to build after that, if you're so inclined. The options are: Colonist, Explorer, Soldier, Worker, and Trade Depot. The Depot would allow Trade Convoys to other cities, which have fantastic benefits, but we have to have a line of sight unbroken by miasma hexes to them first.

The primary question, however, is what to do with the Augmented. This game has a ton of quests like this, with various rewards for taking different options. For the purposes of this LP, I will also be using responses to help guide our faction's choice of Affinity, the ways humanity reacts and changes in response to the new environment, a vague equivalent of futuristic social engineering choices. Not solely, of course, and not with this quest alone, but I'll be keeping it in mind.