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Part 4: Incoming Transmission

Chapter 4: Incoming Transmission

Thanks to the reassembly of scientific equipment from resource pods, Ecology research was completed quickly, soon to be followed by a concerted genetic engineering project.

It's wonderful that the health care initiative is paying off. Especially since I legally count as a civil worker. Of course, I also legally count as a defense worker, but that's neither here nor there... It's getting awfully crowded on this planet. The Slavic Federation has showed up. I hope that's the last of them.

Sure thing, madam! You know how much I love cooperation.

Do not call me 'madam', if you please. Doctor is acceptable.

Touchy. Sorry, Doctor. You should come enjoy our fungal baths when you get the chance. Help you relax a little.

...I may just do that.

Some enterprising individuals from several different expeditions have also begun setting up independent stations. Omoikane Group is setting up some kind of weird monastery. Better draw up some new trade contracts...

Stations are similar to city-states from previous Civ entries. Their primary benefit is giving various bonuses if you establish trade routes with them. Omoikane's benefit is +4 Food in the city establishing the route. The name is likely based on a Shinto deity of wisdom:

Speaking of, it looks like the first convoy is ready to go. Now, be careful mates, th... Wait. Where did the giant worm thingy go? Hmm. Well, I'll authorize the expedition for now, but watch yourselves. I don't like this.

Seriously, the Siege Worm just vanished. I'll take it though, since it would have been right in the path of our convoy otherwise. And yes, Kavitha is getting more Energy and Science from this trade route than we are, but Hutama's a nice guy like that.

Uh huh. Well, pick up anything you think might be useful, then report back to base.

Another derelict settlement was found to the west by our second explorer team. How many people have been here before us? And how many not-people? ...Hmm. I'm getting some interference in my wi-fi linkup. I hope I don't have to call tech support. Those poor, overworked bastards. I'll chill some wine for them if they do have to come.

Uh... Okay then. 'Culper' sounds familiar... Damn I miss Wikipedia.

I would have liked to play longer, but the derelict settlement bumped us up to the next Culture threshold. I'm pretty sure I know what Virtue you guys are going to pick, but asking is the polite thing to do. Here's the new one our previous choice unlocked:

Because it's been a while, here are the other possibilities as well: