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Part 5: Skin and Chrome

Chapter 5: Skin and Chrome

Hello! You have reached the desk of Planning Officer Hutama. He is currently occupied with crisis management now that the Great Worm has resurfaced, but please enjoy his personal automated news service in the interim.

Freeland continues to develop closer relations with its neighbors, with a slew of open border and trade agreements drawn up by the tireless Hutama.

He even takes it upon himself to act as a third party when they negotiate treaties of their own. Let it never be said that he is selfish.

There were several brief debates about the optimal use of public structures, but the Central Planning Committee was able to quickly analyze and incorporate majority opinion into its decisions. Hutama always has his fingers on the pulse of the people.

I don't find either of these quests particularly interesting, so I just picked the option that seemed most in line with our choices so far.

Genetics research has also borne fruit. With it, large-scale health issues could conceivably be eliminated.

Resources have now been allocated toward Computing projects, which will be of significant benefit to the entire community.

If people are interested in setting research priorities, I can write up descriptions of the available techs if it will help. They're not the main thing to vote on in this update though.

A group of massive trucks carrying building materials, a number of more adventurous Polystralian families, and nearly the entirety of the Augmented population was assembled in Freeland, and recently began setting up downstream of the great Neo Musi River. Under the protection of the Augmented, Jimboomba is rapidly growing.

You can't rename cities until this outpost period ends, in which the settlement slowly acquires tiles around it until the first ring of hexes is taken. However, Jimboomba is a great name that at least one poster liked, so we'll stick with it for now. Subsequent cities will be called by other names the thread has suggested.

The Augmented have been developing a growing number of adverse side effects, including a small but increasing number of deaths, relating to their implants. This is likely because this planet lacks the resources used to create them. With continued research, it is possible these problems could be overcome, but it may be simpler and more humane to remove the augmentations entirely. Many Polystralians have grown accustomed to these refugees, but others continue to keep their distance, or express outright bigotry toward them. Still more believe that it is far too dangerous, either morally or socially, to keep the implants around. Making matters more complicated, the Augmented themselves are just as split on the issue. The Planning Committee must decide what the government's official policy will be, and soon.

Hutama feels your pain and shares your belief in #concerns, Citizen #name. Rest assured that he will #action to help solve these issues immediately.