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Part 6: Pies or Cider

Chapter Six: Pies or Cider

[Freeland Public News Service, August 10, 2632]
Freeland has finally accepted the Augmented with open arms. A concentrated effort to develop treatments and improvements for their implants is under way. It may take some time to bear fruit, but the government remains confident that the effort is worth it.

Additionally, the colonial administration has begun offering tax incentives to entrepreneurs who are willing to seek out distant and unusual markets. Combined with the steady production of trade convoys, this has resulted in an explosion of commerce and industry.

Since we have five Virtues in the same category, we now get an additional benefit.

We officially have hella cash.

In the east, tectonic activity has unearthed the fossil of some immense creature. A second expeditionary team has encountered a similar skeleton in the north, outside of non-human ruins many have taken to calling a “Progenitor” city. We are now receiving reports of their results. Uh, please stand by...

...I'm being told little of interest was discovered, aside from the innate scientific value of cataloging a unique alien animal. Let's hope these things aren't still out there, haha!

Anyway, let's move on to the main purpose of this announcement. Two government initiatives are now hiring, with generous pay and benefits. The first is a genetic research and agriculture project, designed to fully utilize the output of the recently-invasive apple trees to maximize their potential either as a source of food, or as a trade good.

(Basically, do we make apples into better pies, or better hard cider?)

The second is to fill the new factories opening now that convoy production has slowed. There are many projects the colony can now start, and every worker will have a say in which is begun! Contact your local Shift Manager if you are interested.

Let's live well. Thank you, and good night.

Freeland's build queue is open once again. The choices are:

--Cytonursery (+1 Health, +1 Science)
--Laboratory (+2 Science)
--Pharmalab (+2 Health)
--Recycler (+2 Production, +1 Production from Trade Routes)
--Ultrasonic Fence (prevents aliens from getting within two tiles of a city.)
--Vivarium (+2 Food, +1 Food from Desert tiles)

Hello? How can I help you?

I... How did you... Okay. Thank you, madam!

Alvida, Hutama.