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Part 14: State of the World Update

GhostStalker posted:

Also, can we have a world map seeing where the other colonies and our outpost trading partners are in relation to us?
Certainly! Unfortunately, we don't know much beyond their location, since all of our Agents are currently at HQ managing propagandathe Freeland Citizens' Support Department.

The Pan-Asian Cooperative are our neighbors to the west. They had a large army last I checked. They also share our interest in robotics and mechanical augmentation, with a Supremacy score of 4.

The Slavic Federation hasn't really done much yet. They have 1 Purity, 1 Harmony, and are the only group who hasn't yet built a Spy Agency. I don't see them doing well this game.

Past the Kavithan Protectorate to our northwest is the American Reclamation Corporation, which is doing quite well for itself. They have Harmony 3.

Further northwest is the African Union. Camp Cascade station, one of our main trading partners, is above it. They have Harmony 5. Common ideology is rarely enough to prevent conflict though. I predict a tense battle between them and ARC. You can see Jensoku Labs station to their south, but we can't trade with them. Must be blocked off by Miasma or something.

Brasilia looks to be on the ropes. They've lost a large city, and they only have 2 points of Purity.

They're trying to assault the Golden Bell Temple currently, but it's highly unlikely they'll be able to do it with just two combat rovers.

Not much is known of Franco-Iberia. They've expanded a lot though, and they have Supremacy 5. Our direct neighbors, except for one, seem to have taken well to our technical advances.

Speaking of which, the Kavithan Protectorate has Purity 3 now, so they will likely hate us for the rest of the game.

No one is currently allied, and the only factions with a Cooperation Agreement (aside from us since we're friends with everybody except Kavitha) are PAC and African Union.


And are you planning on expanding any time soon?
You can see Rangi/Rekohu being built in one of the last screenshots in the update. It will likely sap most of our positive Health once it's complete though, so the next city after it might be a while.