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Part 18: Chapter 16.5

Chapter 16.5

A short update today, because our cultural output is getting off the chain, up to 120-130 per turn.

Thanks to the incredible efforts of our technicians, particularly those at this very academy, Polystralia is connected as never before. Now, even members of our far-flung colonies on the continent of Janjira can watch live broadcasts of the news, sports, and of course, my speeches.

Because our income is starting to dip a bit, I've begun building Academies, Arrays, and other miscellaneous structures on tiles instead of Terrascapes, for now. Need some cash to bootstrap buildings in our new colonies, after all.

An array of satellite dishes in the desert east of Jimboomba.

Speaking of our new colonies, I also want to thank the engineers who have volunteered to contract with the Crawler team. It is in no small part due to this incredible vehicle that the settlement has been so quick and smooth. of the events depicted.

The Crawler's last act was to disassemble iotself for recycling. The Gupta-Harrison Medal of the Guild of Engineers for exceptional contribution to humanity is struck from sections of a tungsten carbide strut that formed part of the Chassis-Platform, as a reminder to the Engineer of the great accomplishments of his craft.

The Crawler, parked outside of Neo New Zealand.

As our computing abilities continue to multiply, expect us to be connected closer than ever before. Personally, I hope that citizens of other colonies will join us in our celebration of thought and the free exchange of goods and ideas. I know it seems unlikely given recent events, but I suppose it is the vice of all of us Old Earth farts to cling to hope.

That's right, she's bitching at us for having cities near where she sniped territory from us. Though this does show off what is apparently a Supremacy-unique diplomatic message, which is cool.

Another decade, another condemnation from Kavitha.

Another outer-ring tech, and one required for the Supremacy unique victory. I am also building several Nodes that will benefit from this, which will be completed next update.

For now, our insane culture output means it's already time for another Virtue. And this is a tough one too, I think. Because our cultural output is so great, please vote for two Virtues. The ones with the most and second-most votes (and third-most, if the other choices unlock the Tier II synergy bonus) will be picked over the course of the next update.

Knowledge, Tier II:

Community Medicine (+1 Health per 6 population in cities)

Knowledge, Tier III:

Other possible Virtues:
Knowledge, Tier I:
Field Research (+30 Science from completing expeditions)
Creative Class (Extra Culture equal to 30% of positive Health)

Might, Tier I:
Military-Industrial Complex (+15% Military Unit production)
Survivalism (+25% Strength against aliens)

Prosperity, Tier I:
Frugality (+10% Food retained after city growth)

Industry, Tier I:
Scalable Infrastructure (+15% Wonder production)

Industry, Tier III:
Social Investment (+2 Production from Manufactories)
Superior Engineering (Orbital units stay in orbit 50% longer)