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Part 12

Arr, Raymondo could die and nothing bad would come of it! I've got enough of the map to track down my sister, Isabella Goonham!

[What, you had a better name for her? Sheesh.]

Regardless, the trail there would be a nuisance. The wind is a tough lass to please as she yet again went against my plans.

Regardless of the wench's lack of participation, the crew had fun along the way with various Spaniards. Specifically, we encountered an invasion force along the Puerto Principe.

Beautiful ships they were; if anything, I can say that the Spanish really were good shipmakers. Tortuga could make good use of them.

A shipmaker's ship is worth much in the way of gold.

[Anything to extend life, mate. I must live forever!]

The governor of Tortuga was in on the prank of making me look funny. Possibly a result of never dancing with the Tortuga governor's daughter.

Nevertheless, I could never find myself cheating on the lovely lady nameless.

Nevertheless, we sailed from Tortuga and around the island until we reached the Spanish stronghold of Santo Domingo. It pained me to see the Spanish with some amount of power to it.

So I plundered a ship popping out of the port!

Having looked at both maps, the area west of Santo Domingo seemed the most likely point at which the map begins. We came across the landmark known as "Knife Head."

And there it was upon the map, marked "Knife Head"! My sister was stuck upon this wretched landmass and it was my duty to rescue her!

Just as marked on the map, there was a totem pole and a rock pile! From here, she would be to the northeast!

Just north and east of the rock pile the crew spotted this. What was it, some sort of house?

It was! It was a boarded up cabin! This had to be the spot! My sister was just on the other side!

[Why haven't I been kicking the pirates this whole time?!]

"Isa? It's your brother." I said to her as I walked through the door.

She was absolutely delighted to see me. I was surprised she had recognized me despite the few scars my body had received since then. The Marquis Montalban had been sailing the seas. I invited my sister on board the pirate ship De Terreur and requested that the crew treat her nicely; she's a fragile woman and her experiences have been grave. As for the Eenhoorn? We set sail straight south to Coro.

Along the way, we stopped for a drink and rest in preparation of the upcoming fight with Montalban.

I was tired of the Baron's games. Count Goonham was not about to be fooled yet again! Isa informed me that the Baron was in charge of shipping what little food supplies the slaves got so he should definitely know where Uncle Jasper was.

As we sailed the main in search of the Marquis, we plundered many a ship. A steady supply we had as the Spanish were dumb enough to send out hunters for us to steal from.

After many a ship was raided and many a port was made foolish by our might, the Marquis showed his ugly bow.

The man hadn't changed in the least in the past 17 or so years. Two one-eyed men in a duel for family and honor!

I remember those words I spoke very clear, imprinted upon on brain. "My name is Bartholomew Goonham! You kidnapped my family! Prepare to die!"

And so my trusty, dusty cutlass was drawn and our fight began!

[Listen, it's a cutlass dagnabbit. I don't care what you see in that picture, it's a cutlass.]

And so the man who had haunted me for the last 17 years was finally dead, no doubt eaten by the fishes he sailed over, his corpse dragged into the depths of Davy Jones' locker!

Surely his hideout would yield more information than Raymondo on where the rest of my family was! Unfortunately, we could only find this small piece of information regarding it.

A lovely amount he had! A lovely ship, too!

The Baron's ship was worth more, though whether because of a natural price on the market or due to the damages to the Marquis' ship, I guess I'd never know.

Speaking of the good Baron, we found him just outside of the Coro.

As always, I thwarted him, but when he attempted to give me a piece of the map to find my sister, I gladly had the men escort my sister to the ship. I demanded the map to locate Uncle Jasper but the Baron would only give up this section of it. I chose to throw him overboard for the next time we'd meet.

And as always, the man was carrying a good amount of gold upon him. However, it was not enough. I had set my goal at obtaining 100,000 piece of gold, and by the power of Count Goonham, I was going to obtain all 100,000 pieces! Ha! Ha! Ha!

[Now what kind of update would this be without a ton of Spanish plundering?]

In honor of my sister's return, the death of the Marquis, and the new information concerning Uncle Jasper, I rewarded the crew by going upon a plundering marathon!

Back down to our three ships, we spent the night at the tavern of a Spanish settlement, though the original fifteen crewmembers, the two Brits, the four Frenchies, the two Dutch, the single Indian, and the 6 Gulfers spent the night guarding the ships instead. Wonderful to have such a loyal crew; wonderful to have aboard those to protect my sister.

Captain's Log

Found sister, she's staying on De Terreur. Marquis is dead, Baron has information on Uncle Jasper; must track down Baron Raymondo.

The Choice

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Hey. Crew. We've got some stuff to do. Pick one of the following why don't you?

1. Take San Juan in the name of the Dutch
2. Take Santo Domingo in the name of the French
3. Look for Blackbeard's treasure
4. Search for Baron

Song contest has ended.