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Part 15

Got bored, so have an early morning update.

[Let me preface this by saying that I started this update when the votes were currently 2 to Baron and 1 to Futile Hunt For Uncle Jasper. Also, these things are short when you barely plunder. What little plundering I did broke the flow so you don't need to see it.]

A local barkeep informed me as to the whereabouts of Baron Raymondo. He was hiding away in Santo Domingo, the Spanish flea! With the help of Commander Scruffy's navigational abilities, the good ship Enkelblessure Bijten began the eastward sail.

A stop at Santiago's largest tavern revealed something most annoying however.

He had moved to Cartagena! We had to leave port and quick before the Spanish realized who we were and before the Baron could sail away.

However, once we reached Cartagena, the Baron was nowhere to be found.

A stop at the Cartagena tavern revealed that he had just set sail from the city, sailing for the Caracas. Our journey westward was even worse now as we had to navigate the horrid coastlines whilst under Spanish fire. A pain in the entire fleet's neck this Baron was being.

Then, as if some sign from the Heavens above, whilst sailing along this coast, I saw something. I almost jumped overboard in glee! I called for the ships to anchor. Commander Scruffy questioned this, believing that I had potentially gone mad concerning the notion of walking to the Baron.

As he himself descended from his ship, I turned towards the man. "Walk to the Baron?! Rubbish! Ha-ha! Take a look at this, Commander Scruffy!"

He studied the parchment for a short bit before realization dawned upon him that my Uncle Jasper was somewhere close to the coast. "But sir, there's no marker!"

"We don't need a marker, we've got persistence, lad!" I marched the crew on what they assumed would be some manner of hopeless search across the wilderness. Barely did we cross into the uncharted portions of the map when I saw it.

Some manner of shelter off in the distance! A grin was slapped across my face as I ran forth and took out my spyglass.

"It's a shack!" I yelled back to the crew. Leaving Commander Scruffy in charge, I ran off to investigate the building.

"Uncle Jasper, you're alright!" I exclaimed with the utmost of joy. Our reunion consisted of much talking over various things, be they eyepatches, piracy, and Montalban. Oh, Marquis Montalban, what a problem he was. My dear old Uncle Jasper told me that the idea that the Marquis had been killed years ago was foolhardy, that he was very much alive. I brough the man back to the ship where he boarded the brig to reunite with his niece Isa. I did not wish to waste any time on the pursuit of Montalban so I boarded Enkelblessure Bijten and asked Commander Scruffy to set sail.

A local barkeep in a nearby Spanish settlement confirmed the continued existence of Marquis Montalban.

A shot straight north was what separated the Marquis and his death.

Just barely arriving in the area, I found the Marquis leaving.

We exchanged little in words but much in glares with the few good eyes we had. Two cycloptic folk began their second duel.

[Hey, look! Filters for stylized action! This was basically how the fight went, by the way.]

Once again he fellt overboard and disappeared. I had an swelling pit in my stomach, one reminding me that he had probably survived his fall. Regardless, the crew celebrated and we raided the supply of gold he had.

Among his valuables was yet another piece of parchment with little useful upon it.

He had much in the way of gold, however, so at least his return from the land of the dead has rewarded us as well.

Captain's Log

I rescued Uncle Jasper and discovered that Montalban yet lived. I ended Montalban's life shortly after that discovery. I asked for a room upon the brig De Terreur to be set up next to the one that had been set up for Isa.

I need a rest. A monthlong vacation in Tortuga will do myself and the crew some good.

The Choice

Today's choice brought to you by sleeping for idiots. Just close your eyes guys!

1. Take a vacation in Tortuga
2. Take a break in Tortuga
3. Go to sleep in Tortuga
4. Have some off time in Tortuga

Remember, the French-sloop-of-war-in-Spanish-town paragraphs are due no later than Sunday and the same goes for the picture versions! The Bumbo contest is running indefinitely so if you've got some rum laying around, what have you got to lose? Be a true pirate!

Personally, I blame Psion for this. He obviously did something with his vote to force me to go after Uncle Jasper after I had started with the intention of fighting the Baron.