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Part 17

Bit of a short update today, but I'll liken that to this being some strange manner of filler content.

[I've got me a trackball mouse. It'll do for now.]

The 9th night of my rest in Tortuga rewarded me with an odd dream that I was sailing in a ghastly white ship across the stars. Clouds above us were actually below us, as was the planet as a whole. I began realization that this was a dream when red wings sprouted from our ship. I found myself becoming more and more like Delial IV as the dream went on despite my lucidity.

Space Fight

We began to sail away upon the glimmering white stars and black space while Delial IV's own history crept into my mind, such as his full name. Captain Ingram Harlock Delial IV he was now known as, scourge of the darkened skies. His duty was to sail the night sky and spirit away the sailors whose times had come at least, sailing in the glorious white ship Pumice.

I found myself becoming more and more like this reaper of the seas. I lost lucidity and found myself unquestionably being the same as Delial IV.

Twas another lovely night in the sky, staring down at those sweet, blue seas through the thick layer of clouds above yet below. Our world was one with no high and low, one perverting the natural world; how I longed for that world once more, but I could never journey back completely; just as the crew on this ship, I am tied to this realm, this ship, and am nothing more than a spirit to the rest. Even our ship is but the representation of an older one located at the bottom of the seas, though outfitted with numerous extras for simplicity, such as our red attack fins. However, as was part of my duty, a new prey sprung into my mind.

We landed and prepared for travel to the natural world.

Being back in the natural realm was always an odd experience. Everything is so much more colorful, and even we become masked amongst the mortals, but the science is different. We're stuck in the water rather than the sky, we need to breathe to seem natural, and our mortality must be feigned.

Our target for this job was the crew of a merchant ship off in the east; it would be clear which one once we found it.

Right on schedule, the merchant ship showed up. As the entire crew was sentenced, we readied the cannons.

As planned, we sailed circles around the slow ship, peppering it with numerous shots of our cannons.

Water seeped into the ship as we continued to blast it into the sea.

Just as planned, their gunpowder kegs exploded, taking most of the crew with them. There was no land nearby and their death warrants already signed; dead men ride no sails.

As the ship barely remained above water, I woke up. Attempting to collect my thoughts, I began furiously writing down the events in the dream in order to review and ponder them during a time when I would not be exhausted. I swore to never inform the crew of this dream.

[As mentioned, short, but this is mainly just some manner of filler for plot reasons, you know?]

Results of the paragraph contest:

All of you crazy buggers broke the paragraph rule save for Bruceski, who gets an honorary ticket for being the only one who followed it (even if it's just a tiny sentence).

As for which I enjoyed the most, I enjoyed Katachresis' paragraphs the most, so the winning ticket to him! Rest of you will get added to the OP shortly.