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Part 19

[Alright, let's get this party started with a true update!]

That dream shivered my bones greatly; as if some manner of omen, I ordered the crew to sail us to the Florida Keys.

August 3rd, 1616, the ships set sail from the lovely town of Tortuga.

The wind was once more on our side, almost as if it was trying to lead me to the Florida Keys as soon as possible for the sake of rescuing my fair damsel.

In the case that anything actually did happen along the way, plenty of firepower would be much obliged. Hermetian allowed my transfer to his ship, welcoming it with open arms.

The blue flag was barely visible amongst the seas behind it, but it existed all the same. Much relief was had at the realization that no war had scourged the Florida Keys during my time off.

In fact, they had managed to fix much of their economical problems, becoming a pretty nice town to stay at! And thusly the lovely lady awaiting my arrival would no doubt be garbed in the richest of clothing though as modest as the town itself.

With open arms I bid my greetings to the man who could potentially be my father-in-law.

As expected, his beautiful daughter whose name I had no luck in recalling appeared, though far less modest in appearance than I had expected.

She began to cry as she managed to cry out enough words to form some manner of sentence informing me that I was actually some manner of affair. I was highly tempted to smack her across the face for not revealing such information earlier.

A fearless swordsman need not be afraid of any man, but if a lady so young and sweet has already many suitors in my absence, what point be there in sharing my love with her? Such a fine wench be great in promiscuity but lousy in faith.

Nonetheless, I promised to rid the fiance with hopes that she would again love me and only me, even in my absence upon the sea.

[He's actually trying to do a thumbs up of sorts pointed at himself. What's even more peculiar is what the lady is attempting to do with her left arm. It's as if she is aiming it up for prey in the form of flies.]

A French captain of sorts, the longsword-wielding fiance of the woman I had long since proclaimed my love to, a most silly man. Fighting in his political garb would do little but ruin him.

A cutlass may do many wonders when dancing upon the edge of a fountain, be they both defensive or offensive in the sights of a longswording Frenchman.

And thusly the man fell to his own idiocy. No man shall obtain the love of my woman and no man shall lay even a finger or a glare upon her lest they wish to have their fingers sliced and their eyes gouged.

That evil Baron Raymondo once again held information concerning my family, this time referring to Uncle Jasper's wife, Aunt Josephine. This time, there would be no escaping my blade without a full map.

I left the room, information in tow, heading towards the tavern with the news.

Captain's Log

A fiance?! Why didn't she tell me anything?!

Aunt Josephine, hold on for another year or two. The Baron had to be stopped!

The Choice

Today's choice brought to you by Sir Jer Springgard, the only man of the sea willing to impart upon you information of affairs and bad erotic encounters.

Haha! You've not gotten a poll in a while! Bad for those who I gave the tickets to just before the break, eh? Har!

1. Raid a Spanish town
2. Keep an eye on Nameless Love Interest
3. Go after Baron Raymondo
4. Search for some of that there buried treasure