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Part 20

ItalicSquirrels posted:

Edit: Only one complaint about this awesome LP so far. Goonham gave the order to "split the mainbrace". It's 'splice'. I'll give a dissertation on the difference if need be. Great job otherwise, though.

Bugger. It's fine to tell lies about things for the sake of plot but when you start screwing up your Wikipedia and childhood fascination with pirates by messing up common phrases involving a call to drink, that's when I feel downright ashamed. Hoho! Enough talk though, time for an update!

[Well, the vote is as the vote does. We're keeping an eye on Lady Nameless.]

After a short time spent upon the sea, I felt quite paranoid of the status of the lovely nameless lass back in the Florida Keys. I requested that we sail back for the sake of checking upon her faith.

She seemed to realize my inability to fully accept her after the shocking news of her fiance. She instead invited me to the grand ball in hopes of convincing me that her love is and always will be true.

The dance started off simply enough with a simple, rather upbeat piece.

However, the moves she instructed me to perform seemed to not always go with the tune.

We danced about that small room quite a fair bit, twirling her about as we did so. The governor seemed to weep in joy that his daughter had found someone like myself.

I held her hand for a great while, but I told her that I could not be so sure of her faith just yet. As always, a room back at the tavern awaited me and my crew.

The next day, disaster struck. My beloved, the woman only the night before I told I could not find complete trust in, had been kidnapped by some dastardly Spaniard!

[Gee, I swear I've seen Colonel Mendoza somewhere before. Hmm...]

At news that I would gladly go to the ends of this world for her, the governor grew ecstatic and began to jump around as if he were a man man. Understandable, considering his problem, but still slightly unnerving considering his age.

[I swear, I've seen this crazy bugger somewhere before...]

Upon the big blue we did sail, though I did not expect to find the evil colonel by the time I arrived so not only was time an important factor, information was too. It would be best to sail there as quickly as possible and search for information.

However, as with anything of great importance and little time, the wind was against us and our planned voyage great.

As if to smile down upon us, we happened upon Baron Raymondo along the way. Surely, a piece of information concerning Aunt Josephine would do some manner of good! Surely!

He seemed rather distant today, Raymondo did. He obviously had other things on his mind as I once more defeated him.

It was at this point that the trouble seemed to come to light. He didn't actually have a piece of the map on hand so I skewered his hat and knocked him into the waves.

Luckily, upon his ship was information relating to Mendoza's location. I couldn't comprehend as to why, but it mattered little as Mendoza was very close by indeed.

In fact, we happened upon him almost immediately, interrupting his own journey to take my my dear nameless dame.

Even a wave of round shot could not dissuade me.

[Where have I seen him before?]

As with any good Spaniard, he surrendered to my rapier and gladly gave up the information. Most fortunate it was that he had her on ship and not on some random island with the map ripped into quarters.

And thus was the tale of my daring rescue of my sweet delight, the beautiful French woman of whom the whole crew had no name in mind.

The plunder was little but gold need not matter when something much more valuable had been found. Not only had I rescued my dear, I discovered her name as well; Mendoza told me that it was "Lady" before he was shoved off of the plank.

We made sure to sell his ship once Lady's items of value had been returned from it. What happened to Mendoza is unknown. Perhaps he died like a good sea Spaniard.

Nonetheless, our voyage home would be fraught with cheer, bumbo, joy. We were French heroes now; no Spaniard could take that away from us.

I spoke to Lady of the impending docking at the Florida Keys, specifically that I was to take her back immediately to her father lest I be viewed as a thief of fine wenches.

The reunion was a beautiful sight. As young and able as a boy, Lady's father began to weep with her return, all the while apologizing for letting her be taken in the first place.

Lady told me of a lost city belonging to the Incas that would contain much in the way of treasure. Surely, this news would mean much to the crew and their wish for gold.

[Lost City quest is one of the more rewarding quests financially. Let's just say that money isn't going to be too much of an issue if I plunder as normal when searching for these things.]

Though Lady had a surprise for her father, one I had to prepare for with a night of rest at the tavern. Despite my status as a French nobleman, I found it much easier to rest in a place of alcohol and casualty than one of refined taste and wigs.

The next day, I returned with my thoughts clear and set out before me in an orderly fashion.

And thusly I proposed to Lady and asked the governor, my future father-in-law, to allow it. His permission was granted and the arrangements for the wedding were made.

The day of the wedding came. I saw skies of blue, clouds of light, a bright, blessed day to lead into a dark, sacred night. Before the abbot, I thought to myself, "What a wonderful world."

Unfortunately, the wedding had been a shock to the abbot as he found he had to marry us immediately after his ritualistic mud bath.

Despite this, we kept a straight face and continued with the ceremony.

And so began the marriage of Lady and Bartholomew Goonham.

It's a wonderful world.


A very lovely one at that.

Captain's Log

I've asked father to allow Lady Goonham to join me upon my travels. He agreed, putting much faith in me that she would be safe under my leadership. A room aboard the brig was prepared for her.

The Choice

Today's choice brought to you by "Hey, he's updating at midnight."

Alright. We're married. Now what?

1. Raid a Spanish city
2. Lost Cities quest
3. Kidd's treasure
4. Baron Raymondo

[Terribly sorry for the wait on this one. High school combined with the fact that I came home and slept all day, but excuses exist solely to remove blame. For a lack of update I can only apologize.]