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Part 21

[Relatively short update, but Lost Cities really don't take that long to find.]

After a short stop at a local settlement, Lady Goonham gave me some notes she had taken from words heard in the bar. She had combined various rumors and gossip to form a coherent map allegedly detailing where the lost city of the Incas was!

Furthermore, it was located quite close! We left immediately, for each new piece of gold was another member of the crew.

Just as the map stated, Shark Shallows was located north of Vera Cruz.

[We've not gotten much of a good look at our jolly roger, so here he is.]

Just as Lady detailed, there was a stone head of Incan style. If the rest of the image were to be believed, the lost city would be due south of it.

Two large, stone pillars stood upon the ground, inviting seekers of knowledge and coin to investigate was this the city?

It was quite visible before our eyes indeed. Was most definitely the lost city of the Incans! Har har, what treasure be lying in wait?!

[The's two trips to a pirate haven tavern, dontchaknow. 25 pirates a piece.]

[A little bonus from when I was continuously dancing for information.]

Captain's Log

I'm not entirely sure why I keep calling this the captain's log when I'm a duke.

At least we found a great sum of gold.

The Choice

Today's choice brought to you by ritualistic sacrifices! Why choose a loving god when you can worship one who wants you dead?

So we've got ourselves a nice pretty penny; perhaps we should do something else.

1. Hunt Marquis
2. Hunt Baron
3. Hunt Spanish
4. Hunt Lost Cities