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Part 22

[The game is coming to a close. There's not much left to do with the sidequests. It'll come down to hunting down the enemies and simply that. Of course, a filthy rich plunder has never been a bad thing! Har har!]

As my sweet Lady informed me, the evil Marquis was located by the Rio de la Hacha. As anyone in my position would do, the plans were set in stone and the anchors weighed!

However, our storage space was looking awfully small. We'd need more room for food so I decided to go hunting amongst the Spanish ships for a good one.

Trade galleons were generally good at lugging around their fair share of weight.

In hindsight, the trade galleon probably had a fair amount of gold and supplies on it. Peppering it was likely not that good of an idea.

Especially considering that they gave up due to our numbers alone.

What little gold they had left aside, we now had a decent ship for storing our extra goods and brews. In honor of this, a former commander was brought out of his pseudo-retirement.

And so Commander Bruceski once more had his ship, one upon which the items stored suited the name rather nicely! As long as he swore to protect our food and alcohol supplies, he would remain in command of it.


Really though, this is what it looks like when you have a full fleet and turn around. Jesus Christ, a gigantic clusterscrew of ships. Then there is that dolphin below us, taunting the fact that our ships are now welded together.]

As we reached the Rio de la Hacha, the Marquis was nowhere to be found.

Then we turned around.

And so did he. Off the ship, specifically, and into a fishing net prepared to drag him under our boat.

[We've got a landmark so we could technically go after him, and that's an oddly specific coastline, but I've no clue where Knife Head is. Perhaps I'll go search, perhaps I'll go blow the Marquis out of the water a fourth time.]

Our job finished, we went to our vacation spot in Tortuga.

[Humorous aside: you can still dance with daughter of the governors even when you're married. I'd never touch the Tortuga gov's daughter though. Ick.]

Captain's Log

The Marquis is most definitely dead. We tied him to the bottom of the ship mid-keelhaul. He most definitely would have drowned. Surely he is dead.

The Choice

Today's choice brought to you by beautiful wives who can net you a bunch of cool items for free if you dance with them!

Right, right, nothing you haven't seen before. Har!

1. Raid a Spanish city
2. Captain Kidd's treasure
3. Baron Raymondo again
4. Lost City of the Aztecs
Edit: 5. Bruceski can't read the choices, so let's go after the Marquis.