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Part 24

Numerous pirates sailed the seas, taking away my reputation! Who are they to steal away my own life's chosen vocation?!

[Ship Lessons 101: Hey, Francois l'Olonnais time! Let's discuss his raid of the city of Maracaibo.

In 1667, the man sailed towards Maracaibo with 8 ships, 600 pirates, and ended up capturing a treasure ship along the way containing much in the way of cacao, over 40 thousand pieces of eight, and some valuable gems.

Maracaibo was well guarded, specifically by a fort. They did not guard the land way all that well, however, so it was quite easy for Francois to take it. Much of the gold was hidden away, so the expert in torture l'Olonnais did various things like slicing skin, burning, and woolding (Knotting ropes around the face until your eyes are forced out of their sockets) to obtain the gold. He then demolished much of their defenses, raped, pillaged, slaughtered many civilians and soldiers, then sailed south and did the same to Gibraltar. He became known as the "Flail of the Spaniards" because of this.

He died because he was trapped along the Central American mainland. He had been ambushed and lost many of his men, so he captured two Spaniards to ensure a safe exit. After killing one and gnawing upon his heart, the other told him of a way out. This didn't work, unfortunately, and they ended up around the Gulf of Honduras, stuck on a sandbar. They went to go look for food, but he was instead captured and eaten by Native Americans. The guy was popular enough that a character took his name to some extent in the show "One Piece" in which Roronoa is actually l'Olonnais with "L"s and "R"s mixed up.]

He had long lost his treasure to us, so he did little but sail around in search of us. He found out and immediately halted his own chase of a Spanish ship in favor of coming after us.

[I went shopping.]

The Frenchman took my pistols surprisingly well, dodging both shots and readying his cutlass.

[This same guy fell past in different positions at least 5 times. It was as if he had been diving off of the ship and climbing back on.]

He surrendered, though to great loss on both sides. Such a valuable man of the French would do well to pirate these seas no more save for sinking the ships of the Spanish.

Thankfully, the Frenchie was more than willing ot part with his money, ship, and supplies as thanks for sparing his God forsaken soul. I was not the one meant to sentence this man to the depths for he had a far worse fate no doubt.

Englishman Ted of the original 15 was promoted to status of "Commander" when I found out that he was the one continuously knocking pirates off of the Brigantine's mast.

[Har har! You asked, you've got it! We're the second most notorious pirate of the sea!]

[Furthermore, we've defeated 7 of 9 total pirates and collected 5 of 9 treasures. We're over half way with the relatives, half way with the lost cities, and have completed the romance and villains subquest. On further note, I am currently "40" and in "poor health."]

[I neglected to show off the Tipsy Wench and I decided to throw it in with The Fancy Lad. Enjoy, you crazy bugger.]

Captain's Log

Spanish currently have 83,000 gold pieces for the guy crazy enough to kill me. It'll never happen.

The Choice

Today's choice brought to you by Ye Olde English Names, providing you with odd names for ships since 15XX.

Well, now what? Our choices are dwindling.

1. Baron
2. Lost City
3. Treasure
4. Raid