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by FirstAidKite

Part 26

Unfortunately, as the game goes on, the updates get shorter.

[And now, presenting, A Short Update or A Day In The Life Of Pirates!]

The evil Baron Raymondo is hiding in a Spanish town of great importance! Go against the wind and find him!

Not so fast, young man! First, you have to earn him! You've got to chase him down, lad! He won't stay put!

In fact, he is magical and can despawn and respawn anywhere in the time it takes you to get to him!

Hooray! You've found him! But first, you should consider your options. You COULD fight him, but you could also-

Oh, that's fine. Don't listen to the narrator on how you should properly fight the evil Baron Raymondo.

Just don't expect me to be very nice back! Serves you right!

Captain's Log

The Baron is going to be keelhauled so much that he'll become half barnacle by the time we're through with him!

The Choice

As if it matters in this case.

1. Kidd's treasure
2. Baron
3. Spanish town raid
4. Lost City

You'll notice I didn't show off the map this time. I'm saving it until it is full so that there is more of a surprise.