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Part 28

I'm pretty lucky. I had already made the update and saved over old files by the time you used your ticket!

As was decided by the crew, Santiago has been a thorn in our metaphorical behind for far too long! It must fall!

But first, treasure!

[I dislike missing things so obvious, so I went and searched out Kidd's treasure since it was on the way.]

Arr! With this much money, no city could dare survive our raids!

[C8! You sunk by battleship! Every last one of them!]

Their garrison consisted of 200 fighters. What utter fools they were! We had the upper hand by 89 cutthroats!

However, upon setting foot on land, we discovered a severe lack of Spaniards.

As it turned out, they had all been hiding amongst the trees! Any amount could be hiding, awaiting a single bad move on our part before picking us off!

A bad move made indeed. I found myself caught in a losing skirmish

I had no choice but to run. May the crew forgive such cowardice for I had no other choice.

Luckily, my own men refused to back down despite the unfortunate running of their leader.

In fact, victory after victory was won! No more ran. Even with swords across their throats and ankles, they refused to move and pushed the Spaniards aside.

Just like that, Santiago was conquered!

Even with such a small amount, we had still taken the city.

In the name of the governor of St. Martin, I called for a Dutchman to command the port.

He was quite grateful for his new position.

Almost too grateful.

Any good pirate would know how to run both effectively and efficiently. I did both and chose to sail away from Santiago for further adventures upon the sea, for further plans to be made, perhaps for the ending of my own war with the Spanish.

Captain's Log

I've heard tale that the Spanish are not pleased with the capture of Santiago. Perhaps I'm on to something here...[/b][/u]

The Choice

Today's choice brought to you by irony. Irony! Removing the gold from an entire town before allowing it to be commanded by another governor since 1627!

1. Lost Cities Quest
2. Captain Kidd
3. Raid more Spanish cities
4. Search for info on other pirate-related things