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Part 29

[There was a ton of fluff in this. Specifically, I went around and did a few quest-related things that got ruined when ZD Soft decided that I didn't pay for Game Recorder for the first 20 screenshots, so I'll sum those up in the next update. Until then...]

[I dislike watermarks, especially watermarks that decide to appear randomly while working.]

[I spent 3 hours finding this lost city. Do you want to know why? Too bad, I'm telling you. There's a common glitch in the game that leads to a double spawn of a world map landmark. In this case, Captain's Head was spawned twice. Unfortunately, one of the fluff-related things concerning another Captain's Head literally just north of this one. The game not only double spawned Captain's Head, but spawned them right next to each other. Jesus Christ, Sid, get your act together.]

[What's worse is that I spent 3 hours at the wrong Captain's Head desperately searching for any landmark or any way for the land to conceivably match the same layout as this. I actually found various land formations that formed things on the map, leading to more wasted time. The worst part was definitely when I finally discovered this Captain's Head and found the lost city right in the distance.]

[I guess in the end, it was somewhat worth it.]

[After all, I bought every possible item I could during the fluff stuff that had to be cut. This 50,000 will pay that off rather nicely.]

Captain's Log

I went shopping. I discovered Henry Morgan. I even found where his treasure was buried! I'll dig it up later.

The Choice

Today's choice brought to you by ZDSOFT.COM

Hey, you little crazy buggers! We've got ourselves some catching up to do, don't you think?

1. More Lost Cities
2. Spanish Raids for France
3. Spanish Raids for Holland
4. Henry Morgan