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Sid Meier's Pirates!

by FirstAidKite

Part 32

[Here be a quickie update for you lot.]

Arr! The more cities were taken in the name of the Dutch, but Holland seemed angered by our conquest. There was little we could do as our blood feud continued. A nice area with seven major Spanish cities was marked by our very own Montalban. The man had been behaving himself quite well since under new command.

First, however, we took a bit of a side trip. Captain's Head called out to me, pointing to treasure!

[Oddly enough, the other Captain's Head despawned. I'm..not entirely sure what happened.]

[Ugh. A petty amount. Useful, but I've been spoiled by recent hauls.]

After two sackings in a row, Nombre de Dios fell! A keystone connecting the two sides, we would no doubt have an easier time dealing with each side separately!

The French would no doubt hold off as many Spaniards as they could! Har!

[This is just south of Captain's Head. The game is never going to let me live that down, is it?]

Captain's Log

My health has been in great decline. Another year has gone by and still I have only thwarted one city. The wind continues to hold me back as I spread Dutch and French influence in places once mastered by the dirty Spaniards. I must continue forth!

The Choice

Today's choice is brought to you by your own free will.

Please, just choose one of the following, no mixes.

1. I'm sailing away. Set an open course...for the virgin sea
2. Locate a Lost City.
3. Try to carry on with the Spanish conquest
4. Go treasure hunting