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Sid Meier's Pirates!

by FirstAidKite

Part 34

[This is our final mission, guys. The only thing left after this is raiding and sailing.]

[Appropriately enough, the game brings me back to where Captain's Head once was. I say "once was" because it has mysteriously despawned, just as the last one.]

On land we anchored with money our goal, these worn out bones ready to walk many miles for a piece of eight.

In the distance I did spy a stone head most mysterious, obviously some manner of gate to the city.

Assumptions correct, the face peeked over the hill as we were greeted with 50,000 pieces of gold to take back to our ship and possibly to our collective graves.

As I made my way back, I found myself in a nearby Dutch port, one which only existed thanks to me. It had finally dawned upon them that without my help, they would not exist. I am a Duke of the Dutch.

[It's almost saddening, actually, since there is so little left to do. A shame, it is.]

Captain's Log

We found a lost city of the Olmec this month. I was promoted soon after by the Dutch in Campeche. What is left?

The Choice

Today's choice brought to you by the shrine of the silver monkey. Feet goes first, you idiots.

1. Return to the place I'll return to someday.
2. Search for tomorrow on every shore.
3. Drop off some friends and mates.
4. Try to carry on.