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Part 35

Kaleun posted:

It's been a great run, but it's time for retirement.
Why isn't this thread rated 5 anyway?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Flattering as it may be, I'm undeserving. There isn't a single reason why this should be rated 5.

A promotion was granted after I sank a nearby pirate raider. Odd, considering that I've not even spoken to the English up to this point.

Even so, we left Eleuthera with some supplies and plans to sail north, to explore a little. My career was no doubt coming to an end, my health rapidly declining. Consider this to be the calm trip before the stormy voyage.

Our maps ended somewhere north of St. Augustine. What existed past these borders, I could not say.

We sailed forth in great anticipation. Perhaps gold would be our prize.

[Bugger. They don't even let you sail to the edge of the map.]

[Doesn't matter if you approach by sea or land.]

[You can't exit the area. Saddening.]

Our trip foiled by odd storms and other various obstacles, I sailed onward in the faithful Obsidian towards home.

Perhaps the time had come. One final move, to go out as the greatest pirate of all time. With 600 crew members, my family, my wife, my 8 commanders, and my 8 ships in tow, I was more than ready to begin one final war, a farewell to the Spanish.

Captain's Log

I find that there is little left. I need something good to finish off my career. There must be something...

The Choice

This choice is foreshadowing events to come.

1. One final raid
2. Preferably against the Spanish
3. Perhaps somwhere in the east
4. And then a trip to the west to retire