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by FirstAidKite

Part 37

Hermetian posted:

Is governor the best rank you can get?

Yes. Governor is the best rank you can get (and looks the best, too). Granted, I had to give him a few touch-ups.

thedaian posted:

(sailing is annoying painful)

Number 1 reason for irregular updates right here, folks.

RZApublican posted:

Awesome LP, Kite, thanks for sharing with us the story of Longbeard Goonham.

What, you think it's over? Ha ha.

Called down to the soil once again, my presence requested for a particularly notorious bandit.

Pumice sailed from space and took us straight into a random French port. The French were who we sought, though this port was not the correct one.

Aha! There is was! The Florida Keys! Their governor is a particularly nasty piece of work. Why, he killed tens of thousands of soldiers and crew alike and is still yet a symbol of honor and glory amongst the French! Either way, he has ruled for too long. His past has caught up with him.

Even though the armies of the undead are unkillable, perhaps if he had put up more of a fight than this, I'd have not been so treacherous.

Ah, who am I kidding? The old geezer actually made an attempt to fight with me! I backed him into a room of gunpowder. I can't separate the giblets from the ash.

As the great one commanded, we were to sack the city, locate the governor's butler, execute him, and leave the town with all of its gold as a reward. Pfft, gold, what a petty reward. We can't use it once we sail as ethereal beings in the black sky.

As was also commanded by the head man, the Florida Keys were to belong to the Spanish from this point on.

Come on, men. The last Dukes of Longbeard Goonham are dead, to join the rest of his gang we slit and maimed upon the river Styx. Let us sail back into the skies.