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Part 6

The day we set sail for San Juan was April 7th of the year 1602. That was a bad year for me. Much of my crew was temporarily demoted for the sake of obtaining more gold.

It surprised the governor that we were going to accompany him to San Juan before leaving him, but he was grateful nonetheless.

[Note this odd glitch in which the ship transporter the governor is basically stuck in the middle of my fleet, nigh impossible for him to leave. It takes a bunch of turning to dislodge him which we do later.]

We were at San Juan when a storm blew in; the perfect cover for such a wonderful plan!

As the sky blotted out the sunlight, we let the cannons proceed to blow San Juan to smithereens.

[The next images explain properly enough. Just pay attention to the description under the name "San Juan."]

A great bombing run we had when I realized something. The crew was still not happy. Gold...accursed gold! Where could I get more? We hadn't the crew on a single ship to effectively take care of anything!

With great regret, I temporarily demoted Hermetian.

[TICKET CHALLENGE: First three people edit a parrot upon the left or right shoulder of Bart or on the head of the bartender get a prize, a ticket! The ticket? Time to explain the ticket.

The ticket is basically a concept for challenges after the initial challenges were finished. The ticket is basically a card of some sort allowing you free rule over something. For example, there might be a "I choose what you do next in the poll" ticket, or there may be a ticket that lets you determine what specific things I'll do next. Basically, it takes the power out of the hands of the voters and gives it to you for a one-time use only. Just remember this: ticket challenges are not actually listed in the OP, so you've got to read to participate!]

Hermetian seemed to understand perfectly the circumstances leading up to it. I informed the other commanders that iti was just as possible for them to be demoted as well and to not take it all that personally. I instead told them to focus more on the idea that San Juan is not nothing more than a poor Spanish port, a useless capital.

As thus, I decided to sneak in to visit the governor and the tavern.

[Sneaking in is generally pretty easy. Just avoid any guards you see and get to the big mansion or the place marked as the tavern.]

After a short run through the streets, I found myself at the governor's door.

[At this point, everyone has called off their wars against each other in favor of everyone going to war with the Spanish. We still hate the English though.]

He had little say but his own petty rivalries so I left to seek the tavern.

Within was rather little; most looked at me with disgust, knowing I was the one who had performed the cannonball run.

Oddly enough, the bartender seemed interested in the Dutch despite the war with them.

Furthermore, I received this little piece of parchment after I gave up 400 coins.

A beauty it was at the time. Wonderful to be able to see that red X on the map.

Unfortunately, the gold was still tight.

I apologized profusely but there was little more I could do.

Whilst we stayed in Rijkdomstad, the mayor revealed that they had special sugar cane seeds. I asked him to deliver them to St. Martin.

Unfortunately, the filthy Spaniards attacked the ship along the way. Dirty mongrels! I wouldn't let them get away with something like that! The Demonic Dutch does not allow the escape of anyone worth fighting!

It started off great with a shot to the shoulder!

It ended horribly.

December, 1602, I discovered a loose stone in the wall. I attempted to move it but it is stuck rather tight.

January, 1602, I started to escape thanks to this shoddy architecture.

The guards were out in full pursuit. A prize like me doesn't come along that often.

Immediately upon my leave, I decided to leave a note of my escape: a fight with a trade galleon directly in front of their port.

Numbers were small on the good ship De Terreur and there was little I could do about it.

Their captain, a man in red with a funny hat, was the order of the day.

The sharks fed happily.

Minor amounts of gold, I brought the ship back to Rijkdomstad for money.

I demoted all of my commanders at the time as well. I took control of De Terreur and promised the former commanders their position back once the crew became satisfied.

The final act was to rename De Terreur.

And so we were the reincarnation of a fleet, born out of spite for the Spanish. Our destiny was to haunt their ports and make their journeys at sea not very well enjoyed.

Our purpose made new, we sailed the ship back to St. Martin, stopping along the way only once.

Yet more revenge on the Spanish was had.

One gunshot.

One sword swipe.

He gave up. Good for him.

We finally made it back to St. Martin. While the men went to the usual place, I invested my time at the governor's mansion.

The governor had enjoyed my work so much that he decided to give me 100 more acres of land as well as a promotion! Yar har, a fine day that was!

[I love this picture so much. I just love it.]

Unfortunately, the governor's daughter still did not wish to dance, putting me off yet again until a future promotion. I could have sworn she said we'd dance when I was Major Goonham!

I bid them both fairwells and left for the tavern.

[You may be interested in knowing that nobody save for the Spanish actually has bounties on our heads now.]

Captain's Log

Confiscated by San Juan, borrowed yet another new one.

January 1603: Escaped from San Juan. Baron Raymondo seen in Cartagena. Captured a Spanish trade galleon.
February 1603: Baron Raymondo still seen in Cartagena. Captured a Spanish trade galleon.
March 1603: Visited the town of St. Martin. Promoted to Dutch Major.

The Choice

Today's choice brought to you by bricks. Lay them straight or the hen will fly the coop.

Hey guys, most of our troubles are solved. It's mainly a case of more gold. What do we do?

1. Go after ships around San Juan.
2. Go after Rackham.
3. Search for Roc, where the heck he got to.
4. Go to Cartagena and find Baron Raymondo.